Oral Communication Proficiency

Applicants are required to provide proof of oral communication proficiency to satisfy state certification requirements. Applicants who complete a course in speech communication (or related course), with a grade of "C" or better, automatically meet this requirement.

The courses listed below are offered at the University of Louisville. Applicants who have completed one of these courses with a "C"or better, or a similar course at another accredited college or university, satisfy the oral communication requirement.

COMM 111, Introduction to Public Speaking – 3 credit hour course
Training in fundamental processes and attributes of effective public speaking.

COMM 112, Business and Professional Speaking – 3 credit hour course
Develops theoretical and applied material concerning communication practices appropriate to business and professional settings.

COMM 115, Interpersonal Skills – 3 credit hour course
Training in basic processes and skills of face-to-face interaction. Emphasis on developing language, nonverbal, and conflict management skills.

POLS 111, Political Discourse – 3 credit hour course
Course designed to familiarize students with dimensions of political discourse while simultaneously providing students with opportunity to practice arts of political speech.

WGST 203, Gender Issues in Public Dialogue – 3 credit hour course
This course familiarizes students with ways gender issues have been represented in public dialogue. Students analyze speeches and editorial writing on gender and practice public speaking on gender issues.