ESL Endorsement (P-12)


The ESL Endorsement is a graduate 12 hour P-12 professional development program for US classroom teachers. The Endorsement attaches to an existing Kentucky teaching certificate. Students who enroll in the ESL Endorsement program may already possess a Kentucky teaching certificate or may also be in the process of working on their initial certification.

You may complete the ESL Endorsement as part of our M.Ed. degree, Rank I coursework, or complete it as a stand alone program, without earning an additional degree.

Courses in each area of the Endorsement are offered every semester.


*Beginning in Spring 2019, all of the courses in the ESL Endorsement program are offered online.

These distance education courses combine the excellent content and instruction contained the face to face courses with the convenience and flexibility of online coursework.

Fall Semester
EDAP 518 (Area A)
EDAP 535 (Area B)
EDAP 521 (Area C)
EDAP 530 (Area D)

Spring Semester
EDAP 518 (Area A)
EDAP 525 (Area B)
EDAP 521 (Area C)
EDAP 530 (Area D)

*Please know that online courses are charged at a different hourly rate than regular courses. These rates are available at Students are charged in full for online courses according to those rates even if taking a full-time course load.

Summer Accelerated Option

For those wishing to complete the Endorsement in the summer, there is the accelerated option of taking one class each month (in online and a hybrid format which combines face to face instructional time in the university classroom and assessments completed online) beginning each May and finishing sometime during the first week in August.

Additional Program Requirements

Please know that in addition to the successful completion of your coursework, you will need to complete 30 hours of observation time with a Kentucky certified ESL Endorsed teacher. You can find this form on this website (see below) for your convenience. You may begin accumulating those hours immediately.

You can check an educator’s credentials by going to the EPSB website and clicking under the link "How Do I" then scroll down to "Check Educator Credentials".

You must also have had two semesters of a foreign language prior to completing your ESL coursework, not so much to determine your foreign language proficiency, but to show that you have spent time in the classroom on the other side of the desk, learning another language.

Finally, you will also need to submit passing test scores (157) on the ESOL Praxis examination to the University of Louisville.

Upon successful completion of all of these items, you will then complete a CA-1 form (which we will direct you to at the end of the program) and we will then recommend you for an ESL Endorsement to the Commonwealth.

TEIL (Teaching English as an International Language) Graduate Certificate

Students who are interested in teaching internationally (but are not working on a teacher educator program in the College of Education and Human Development) may be interested in our new Teaching English as an International Language (TEIL) graduate certificate. This new program is set to officially start in Fall 2019. This graduate certificate is for candidates interested in teaching English abroad or in any other variety of applications that doesn’t include a P-12 US public school classroom.

Please do not hesitate to contact me about courses, program options, or other questions about the ESL Endorsement. I will be happy to assist you in any way I can.

Thank you for your interest in the ESL Endorsement at the University of Louisville!

Dr. Elizabeth Patton 
Coordinator ESL Endorsement Program

Requirements for Endorsement [DOC]

ESL Field Log Form