Signature Partnership Initiative

The Signature Partnership Initiative (SPI) is a University-wide initiative that focuses on enhancing the quality of life and economic opportunities for residents of West Louisville. To learn more about University-wide efforts, visit the University's Signature Partnership Initiative web site.

Highlights of Signature Partnership
Jefferson County Public School’s Cochran Elementary and the University of Louisville College of Education and Human Development partnership includes reciprocal learning opportunities among our partner schools' Teacher Staff, UofL students and UofL Faculty. Some initiatives include professional development (Collective for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform (CEEDAR) work and book study), UofL Literacy, Science and Math content methods courses; UofL content methods students spending one to a half day per week in school classrooms with mentoring teachers; and UofL student teachers collaborating every day with P-12 mentor teachers.

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Clinical Model Partnerships

The Clinical Model of Teacher Preparation in an integral part of the CEHD's work through SPI. Funds from the Mary K. Oxley Foundation helped establish the first CEHD clinical model site at J.B. Atkinson Academy for Excellence in Teaching and Learning. In this model, CEHD faculty members teach content methods courses on-site in a designated University of Louisville classroom. They assist with K-12 teacher professional development at the school and collaborate with the teacher candidates' experiences in their classrooms.

The Oxley Foundation funds support the clinical models at J.B. Atkinson Academy, Cochran Elementary School, Portland Elementary, Westport Middle School, and The Academy @ Shawnee.

In 2014, the Mary K. Oxley Foundation followed their original gift of $1 million to the CEHD with a new donation of $5 million (the UofL Foundation provided an additional $2.5 million endowment to match the Oxley gift). 

A significant addition from the new funds included financial support for the Summer Boost and Summer Flight programs, which are held in the SPI partner schools.

dynamic classroom

Summer Boost, Summer Flight, and Enrichment Camps

The Summer Boost program got its start at J.B. Atkinson Academy and has expanded to Westport Middle School, (Summer Flight), and Cochran Elementary. The program was created to reduce the 'summer dip' that many students experience during the summer months, especially those living in economically depressed areas.

The Dynamic Classroom

The Dynamic Classroom professional learning conference introduced teachers to the philosophy and practices we believe will engage and challenge students to achieve at high levels. The first conference was held at Westport Middle School, and teachers utilized work plans and menus, a professional library, and technology to investigate four modules: The Dynamic Mindset, The Dynamic Learner, The Dynamic Environment, and The Dynamic Teacher. The conference is structured to simulate what a student should experience in a dynamic classroom--choice, higher order thinking, differentiation, use of technology, and feedback and reflection.