OVEC/UofL Partnership

OVEC collaborates with the CEHD on facilitating teacher recruitment, leadership initiatives, and faculty research efforts. Although not an inclusive list, some of the activities and services are:

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P-16 Council Design Teams/Committees:

Dr. Penny B Howell
CEHD, Nystrand Center of Excellence in Education
Office: 502-852-0598
E-mail: penny.howell@louisville.edu

Chrissy Jones, Chief Academic Officer and Deputy CEO
Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative
P.O. Box 1249, 100 Alpine Drive
Shelbyville, KY 40066
Office: 502-647-3533, x266
E-mail: cjones@ovec.org

  • Closing the Achievement Gap
  • Adolescent Literacy
  • Mathematics - Middle/High
  • Leadership - Aspiring Principals' Academy

Teacher Recruitment and Support:

  • Educator Recruitment Fairs, Field Placement, and Student Teacher Placements - Cody Windhorst, 502-852-6412
  • Alternative Certification - Stefanie Wooten-Burnett, 502-852-0623

Professional Development and Support:

  • Math Cadres - Chrissy Jones
  • Math MATTERS Advisory Committee - Chrissy Jones
  • Collaboration with Special Education - Terry Scott, 502-852-0576 and Carrie Beerdon, 502-647-3533, ext 218
  • Collaboration with Kentucky Autism Training Center (KATC) - (Design and implement cadres)
  • Continuing Education Option (CEO) (Rank Change)
  • National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Certification (NBC) (Rank Change) - Sarah Monarch, 502-647-3533, ext 229

Leadership Initiatives and Support:

  • Ed.D Practitioner's Cohort - Debbie Powers, 502-852-6428
  • Serve on University Educator Preparation Committee

Committee Work (other than what is listed above):

  • Attend CEHD Teaching and Learning Department meetings
  • Serve on grant committees

The partnership has also created a coordinated mechanism for OVEC districts and schools to be provided services by the UofL College of Education and Human Development faculty and for the faculty to have access to OVEC districts and schools for research or services. Follow the link for a Research Request or Service Request through the UofL site. It provides a form to be completed and sent to Chrissy Jones at OVEC or to  Dr. Penny B. Howell at the CEHD. Instructions are given at the web site. Once the information on the form is reviewed, the Request for Research or Services will be processed.

For questions about any of these initiatives on this page, please contact Chrissy Jones at OVEC, 502-647-3533, ext. 266.