Quotes from LWP Participants

"The Louisville Writing Project changed my life! The project helped me become a better, more confident writer. I have published a children's book, and I am working on a professional book. I have also published several professional articles and was named an advisor for Scholastic Parent and Child Magazine. Just over five years ago I didn't even see myself as a writer. I also earned my National Board certification the year after completing LWP professional development. I had the skills and confidence needed to complete National Board certification after my LWP work.
...LWP was the stepping-stone for all the successes I have had in my career--from being named the 2012 Kentucky Elementary Teacher of the Year to being a representative for the state at the NBC Education Nation Teacher Town Hall. I am so proud to be a Louisville Writing Project Co-director. Every leadership opportunity and reward or recognition I have received I can always trace back to LWP. I would not be the teacher, leader, or writer I am today without the project's impact on my life..."

Beth Fuller

"The Louisville Writing Project has been the single most helpful professional development I have been part of over the past 21 years. When I came to Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) to teach school writing, the LWP was my lifeline. With our ever changing requirements as teachers, LWP has provided up-to-date information for elementary, middle, and high school teachers. The fall and winter conferences are filled with the most creative lessons in Kentucky and I am always empowered to be a better teacher when I participate. The LWP study groups are diversified and allow professional educators to focus on developing the unique skills required for teaching today. I can't say enough to capture my appreciation for the Louisville Writing Project."

Suzanne Jackson

"The writing philosophy is central to everything I believe as a teacher and as an advocate for literacy. It is all about teachers teaching teachers and developing leadership potential in yourself and in others. Jean's leadership and mentoring serves as a catalyst of empowerment and pushes the potential in others beyond any limits we could have foreseen on our own. She inspires us to be better teachers, better leaders, and better people who bring about change and make things happen."

Connie McKinley

"Participating in the Louisville Writing Project forced me to reflect on my teaching practices and look deep within myself to understand my true passion for teaching and learning. Through the project, I learned how to be a better writer, which in turn, helped to make me a better teacher of writing for my students. Before the project, I had the knowledge of how to teach writing, but after the project I had the research to back up my reasons for doing what I was doing in the classroom. The project provided me with a network of teachers, leaders, and resources that I can access for the rest of my life. I am a stronger leader because of the project. Cliche as it may sound, Jean Wolph and the Louisville Writing Project changed my life for the better."

Laurel Oskins

"LWP has been instrumental in changing and improving my teaching and professional life. I never would have had the knowledge or courage to support my students in science writing/literacy to the point where they are published authors. My enthusiasm for teaching and my students' enthusiasm for learning has improved dramatically through the years, and I have LWP to thank for that!"

Marsha Buerger