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What is the Louisville Writing Project?

Dr. Marsha Buerger is the new Director of the Louisville Writing Project (LWP) following Jean Wolph’s recent retirement. LWP is a National Writing Project (NWP) site and collaborates with schools in the Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) and Ohio Valley Educational Cooperative (OVEC) districts. This year we are partnering with Eminence Independent and Rockcastle County through the Kentucky Department of Education’s KyCL grant and with a number of other schools through independent contracts.

Since LWP began, about 1,000 teachers have come to the University of Louisville to hone their skills as writing instructors in the LWP Summer Institute and to learn to be literacy leaders through their continued affiliation with the LWP Network.

LWP is sponsored by the Nystrand Center for Excellence in Education at the CEHD. It is also an affiliate of the Kentucky Writing Project state network (www.kentuckywritingproject.org), and is one of nearly 200 NWP sites across the country.

The LWP site works with schools to provide and promote professional development in literacy for teachers of all grade levels and content areas. The Project is not just a summer opportunity. LWP also sponsors advanced institutes, study groups, demonstration sites, mini-conferences, teacher publications, and social events for our network members.


LWP Fellow, Scott Wade

I Am JCPS – Scott Wade, Newcomer Academy
Scott Wade is an ESL teacher at the Newcomer Academy. He was also nominated for a 2021 Kentucky Teacher of the Year award.JCPS employees highlight their role...


LWP Fellow, Wanda Jaggers

Wanda Jaggers is a Grade 1 teacher in Louisville, Kentucky.Wanda has participated in Kentucky Reading and Kentucky Writing Projects. Wanda is also a member of the Professional Dyads and Culturally Relevant Teaching, a national project sponsored by NCTE. In her first grade classroom, Wanda is committed to student success both inside of the classroom and in life. Read More . . .

What is the Purpose of the Project?


The Louisville Writing Project seeks to help improve the writing skills of students, Primary-College, through preparing teachers who then work with their own students and with other teachers during the following school year in their own and other schools. Goals for the Project include

  • improved writing skills among students
  • more comprehensive understanding among teachers of assessment methods, especially the use of portfolios
  • enhanced writing instruction at all levels in all subjects
  • greater utilization of teacher expertise in the teaching of writing
  • continuing communication between university faculty and teachers.

The NWP Approach

The National Writing Project is a program that is open to the best that is known about the teaching of writing from whatever source: from literature in the field, from research, and from the insights and experiences of successful teachers at all levels. The Writing Project proposes no packaged plans, no teacher-proof materials, no set formulae for teaching writing. The National Writing Project remains open to discovery and qualification. This position is the sustaining strength of the Project.

Basic Assumptions of the National Project Model

  • Writing is fundamental to learning in all subject areas and at all grade levels. Summer Institutes therefore involve teachers from all disciplines and levels of instruction, primary through university.
  • As the process of writing can best be understood by engaging in this process, teachers of writing should write.
  • Teachers are the best teachers of teachers; successful practicing teachers have greater credibility with their colleagues than outside experts.
  • Real change in classroom practice happens over time. Working as partners, universities and schools can articulate and promote effective school reform.
  • Effective professional development programs are on-going and systematic, bringing teachers together regularly throughout their careers to examine successful practices and new developments (NWP, 1998).

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