FATES Dashboard

Mapping the Landscape of Campus Support Programs for Youth Formerly in Foster Care

Fostering Attainment Through Educational Supports (FATES) will collect data on how non-profit, two- and four-year postsecondary institutions (3,515 in all) support youth formerly in foster care (YFFC) in attaining an associate’s or baccalaureate degree. Data to be collected are (a) whether the needs of YFFC are included in institutional pandemic planning, including recovery; (b) whether an institution has a campus support program; (c) where the program is housed organizationally; (d) if available, what is the budget for the for the program; and (d) and what forms of support (e.g., financial aid, academic advising) are offered, if any. Collectively, these data will be aggregated into an interactive tool (the FATES Dashboard), providing the first national portrait of institutional efforts to help more YFFC graduate college. The Dashboard is intended for three audiences: practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. The goal of this project is to provide information to support systemic change across institutions to help more YFFC earn a college degree and to provide timely information during the pandemic recovery.

This initiative is supported through a generous grant from ECMC Foundation.

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