Graduate Student Advising

Graduate students are assigned to a faculty advisor upon admission to the College of Education and Human Development. Faculty advisors provide guidance regarding course requirements, practicum and internship information, research and dissertation development, funding opportunities and questions related to the program requirements.

The advisor's name and contact information is included in the admission e-mail and/or the official admission letter. Admitted students are encouraged to schedule a meeting with their faculty advisor early in their program. Students are encouraged to meet with their faculty advisor on a regular basis.

Signed Program Sheet Requirement

A copy of the academic program sheet, signed by both the faculty advisor and student, must be submitted to the Education Advising and Student Services office before a student may enroll for a second semester.

If you no longer have your admission letter, or your faculty advisor changes, you may contact the Education Advising and Student Services for further information at or 852-7697 .

Campus Visit

Are you a prospective graduate student interested in visiting campus?