Structure and Consistency - Reading

What is the "Structure and Consistency" instructional strategy?

With "Structure and Consistency", the teacher develops routines and physical arrangements that are applied and implemented in the same way on a regular basis.  This helps students predict what will happen next and increases the probability of their success.

What are the "Reading" instructional strategy videos?

The Reading videos focus on the application of the entire range of Primary Level strategies in the context of reading instruction.  The videos represent a cross section of student ages, abilities, and group sizes.

The following is a list of all of the Primary Level training videos  involving the "Structure and Consistency" instructional strategy within a Reading instructional focus that are available for viewing.

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Instructional Videos
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R1This video demonstrates the instructional strategies of Structure and Consistency, Pre-Correction/Prompting, Opportunities to Respond, and Specific Praise in a Reading instructional focus.

These strategies are being used in a Elementary School, Group Instruction context with General Education/LBD students.

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