Correction - High School

What is the "Correction" instructional strategy?

With "Correction", the teacher stops a student when an incorrect response has been made, discusses and demonstrates how the response needs to be made, and facilitates student practice to success.  This minimizes the negative effects of failure and allows the student to end the trial with success.

What are the "High School" context videos?

The High School videos focus on the application of the entire range of Primary Level strategies to students in High school classroom settings. The videos represent a cross section of student abilities, instructional focus, and group sizes.

The following is a list of all of the Primary Level training videos  involving the "Correction" instructional strategy within a High School context that are available for viewing. 

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Instructional Videos
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B6This video demonstrates the instructional strategies of Modeling, Practice, Specific Praise, and Correction within a Behavior instructional focus.

These strategies are being used in a High School, Group Instruction context with General Education/LBD students.

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