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Bylaws and Guidelines

Approved April 19, 2008


The University of Louisville Signature Partnership Initiative (SPI) is a collaborative effort with members of the West Louisville Community and other partners to identify and address community issues in West Louisville.  Community issues will be identified in a participatory process with the community.  Community members who collaborate in partnership as part of this initiative will be identified as the Resident Advisory Council (RAC).


Members of the RAC shall reside within or be significantly involved in the identified west Louisville target area community as defined by the SPI.

The membership on the RAC will be open to all interested residents of west Louisville.


Meetings of the RAC will occur on a bi-monthly basis.

At each meeting, members of the RAC shall receive regular updates about the activities and plans of the SPI, and shall provide assistance in the direction for SPI initiatives.

Meetings will include content from the following sources: SPI university-based partners, community partners and resident council membership partners.

Meetings will be held at a site located within the west Louisville community.


Two members of the RAC shall be elected co-chairs and represent the RAC on the University Community Partnership Advisory Board (UCP).

The RAC representatives to the UCP Board shall be responsible for attendance at each UCP meeting to provide the perspectives of the RAC to the UCP Board.  The representatives shall also report back to the RAC on the activities of the UCP Board.

Terms for RAC representatives to the UCP will be two years.  RAC representative's terms will be staggered for continuity (e.g. 2005-2007 and 2006-2008).  RAC representatives may be re-elected for a maximum of two consecutive terms and may be re-elected after rotating off one year.

The co-chairs will alternate in convening and chairing the bi-monthly meetings of the RAC.

A SPI facilitator who is a member of the faculty/staff of the University of Louisville will assist with the preparation and conduct of each RAC meeting.

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