Angela Storey (Anthropology) and Rachel Hopp (Biology) to receive the TILL Teaching Innovation Award
The TILL Teaching Innovation Award is an annual award which honors the University of Louisville’s outstanding faculty who demonstrate a commitment to student engagement and learning through their work on one or more innovative teaching practices.
Political Science Professor Jason Gainous wins UofL’s 2021 Trustees Award
Jason Gainous, department chair and professor of political science in the University of Louisville College of Arts & Sciences, is the recipient of the 2021 Trustees Award. The award, in its 32nd year, is UofL’s most prestigious faculty award, recognizing faculty members who have made significant contributions to student life.
New UofL program helps ‘ascending star’ researchers shine brighter
The new Ascending Star Fellowship provides mentorship, funding and other support to high-performing associate professors. The goal is to boost the national impact of the fellows’ scholarship, with a heavy focus on work in diversity, inclusion and community empowerment.
Fine Arts Prof. Ché Rhodes named Educator of the Year by Louisville Visual Art
Ché Rhodes, professor of glass at UofL’s Hite Art Institute, has been named “Educator of the Year” by Louisville Visual Art, the area’s largest arts collective. He’ll receive the honor at the third annual Louisville Visual Art Honors Luncheon 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on February 7, 2020.
A&S Faculty earn literary artist awards
It Do Take Nerve: Drag as a Subversive Tool of Resistance
The Speed Art Museum to hold a drag show and open conversation with WFPL’s “Strange Fruit” podcast co-hosts Dr. Kaila Story and Jaison Gardner for the exhibition: "Breaking the Mold: Investigating Gender at the Speed Art Museum.”The event is part of the Dialogues on Gender series
2018 A&S Awards
Congratulations to this year's honorees.
UofL presents exhibition celebrating drawing and teaching of James Grubola
Women's Basketball junior forward Sam Fuehring (Communication) on her favorite faculty member Ralph Merkel
UofL Women's Basketball is celebrating UofL’s faculty and staff at its Dec. 5 game versus UT Martin. Before they take the court, we asked Sam Fuehring (Communication student) on her favorite faculty member, Ralph Merkel and interviewed Prof. Merkel about his experiences at UofL.
Prof. Sergio Mendes (Physics) working on early detection of the flu
University of Louisville researchers are working on a potential breakthrough for early detection of influenza, pneumonia, eye infections and maybe even cancer.
Prof. Tim Dowling (Physics & Astronomy) on Science Friday with Ira Flatow
Tim Dowling was recently interviewed by Public Radio's Ira Flatow on Science Friday about the ice giants Uranus and Neptune.
Nefertiti Burton (Theatre Arts) discusses her grant to help West Louisville playwrights
Nefertiti Burton discusses her grant to help West Louisville playwrights.
Rachid Tagoulla is a guest lecturer from Morocco helping with Arabic Studies
Rachid Tagoulla is a English teacher from Morocco who's at UofL this year helping with Arabic Studies.
Prof. Matt Ruther on health care insurance and access for LGBT adults
Kentucky State Data Center Director Matt Ruther on health care insurance and access for LGBT adults.
Christine Ehrick's (History) efforts to save old radio shows
UofL Archives and Christine Ehrick, Dept. of History work to digitize old radio broadcasts from WAVE Radio.
ACCelerate festival showcases faculty & student's work at the Smithsonian
Faculty and students will be attending ACCelerate an ACC Smithsonian Creativity and Innovation Festival in Washington, D.C to present on research.
Correctional officers & PTSD
Corrections officers have higher suicide rates and suffer from PTSD. Prof. Swartz's (Criminal Justice) discusses her research.
Justin Mog sustainability initiatives
UofL is ranked the top school in Kentucky when it comes to sustainability initiatives.
Theresa Keeley (History) discusses athletes and protests
History professor Theresa Keeley discusses historical protests by professional athletes.
Sports, Risks, and the Human Ideal: A Public Forum
Prof. Kolers (Philosophy) discusses sports risks to athletes with UofL Today and the upcoming "Sports, Risk, and the Human Ideal: A Public Forum" at the Muhammad Ali Center Thursday, October 12 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm.