Staff Position Recruitment Process

1. Create

The department will prepare the following paperwork and information and submit to the A&S Business Center ( ) 

  1. PCN – contact your UBM Intermediate or Financial Coordinator if you don't have a PCN. If you need a NEW PCN created, please specify
  2. Job Description Form (JDF) and Instructions
  3. Organizational Chart (must be of the whole department including the opening position).
  4. The ad to be posted
  5. Duration the ad should run (start and end dates) – minimum of 11 days
  6. Search committee information (names, chair, gender, and race); training is required for all members
  7. Speedtype to charge for Courier Journal (CJ) advertisement.
  8. If the department would like to post the position outside of the CJ, Higher Ed Jobs and UofL, a listing of the advertisement locations should be included. Note: Departments are responsible for placing the ad in external locations.
  9. Fill out and submit the Position Search Posting

2. Review

A&S Business Center will review all of the information along with the Dean and LFO and will reach out to the department for clarification or if additional information is needed. If all approved A&S Business Center will send all information to Employment/Compensation for their review and approval.

3. Submitting ad through Recruitment Solutions in PeopleSoft

Once the JDF is approved by Employment/Compensation, a PAR will be processed (if necessary), and then Erin will submit the ad through Recruitment Solutions in PeopleSoft (PS). Once approved by Employment/Compensation, Erin will email the department (and copy the UBM Intermediate) the job ID and dates the ad will post.

4. Resumes

As long as all interview committee members have completed their interview training.Once the ad comes down, Mondays at 7pm, the following morning Erin will download all resumes into a CardBox account and share with the interview committee. 

5. Interview

The search committee will conduct interviews for qualified candidates. A minimum of three qualified applicants must be interviewed.

6. Interview, Interview Evaluation, and Job Offer

Once interviews have been completed, the department will contact the A&S Business Center ( ) with the following details:

  • Names of Individuals interviewed along with date of interview
  • Type of interview; campus, department, phone, etc.
  • Start and stop time of interview
  • Name of individual selected as the preferred candidate and if there is a second preferred candidate
  • Written reason as to why you chose the preferred candidate. This should include specific job related reasons that they were the most qualified candidate
  • Written reason as to why you did not choose the other applicants interviewed
  • For the preferred candidate, please review their resume to indicate when they have received their degree. If no date is listed, please confirm this information with the candidate and include this information.
  • Name of Chair of committee along with employee ID#
  • Desired salary offer (must be approved by budget and employment/compensation)
  • Email address for preferred candidate (to run CBC)
  • Speedtype for CBC

7. Approval

Once approval of the salary is received from Employment/Compensation, the A&S Business Center will contact the department and include a copy of the letter of offer template. The department will complete and send the letter of offer to the candidate to sign.

8. Final Step

Once the department has received the signed offer letter and has a projected start date, the A&S Business Center will run the CBC and once it has been returned then the effective start date can be confirmed which will be on a Monday for the New Employee Orientation (if necessary), and the A&S Business Center will update the offer within PS. If preferred candidate does not accept the offer, work with the A&S Business Center to make an offer to another candidate or re-post the position.