Payment Request Procedures

The College of Arts & Sciences

Payment Request Procedures


To establish a procedure to facilitate departmental requests for payments to non-employees.


A request is initiated when the department uploads the Payment Request Form: long or short, (chair/Pl & UBM approval along with appropriate back-up documentation is needed).

Dean's office will process the request including any necessary supplier onboarding processes, and return a copy of the electronic payment request once vouchered.

Once request is submitted to the dean's office, please allow 30-days for payment.

Department Responsibilities:

  • Use Standardized Letter of Invitation to send to Vendor, if your department doesn’t already have one. The invitation mustinclude the address of the invitee.
  • Gather supplier contact information, including vendor’s email address and send to A&S; Payment Service Account (
  • Provide valid and appropriate funding source and expense account code.
  • Describe items/services and their business purpose on the long or short Payment Request form.
  • If expense is on behalf of an employee or student (e.g. dues, subscriptions, etc.) the employee or student's name, ID number will need to be included in the Additional or Special Instructions section of the payment request form.
  • Attach back-up documentation for expense (e.g. Invoice, Letter of Invitation, Quote, etc.)
  • If purchase is >+$20,000 and not on contract, include 3-quotes. If purchase is expected to be >=$40,000, contact Dawn Clements (; 852-7718) to discuss options and processes.
  • If there are “Terms” on a quote/Invoice, obtain a Department Agreement (DA). Steps regarding the DA Portal can be found here: Please add to the DA request so Karoline will know when the DA has been approved.
  • Obtain chair/Pl approval of requested expense payment.
  • Obtain signature from UBM to verify that the request has been reviewed and is allowable, allocable and reasonable.
  • Upload the long or short Payment Request form along with appropriate back-up documentation.
  • Alert the dean's office to any changes to payment requests (guest speaker cancellation, change in date needed, etc.).
  • Complete the receiving report in PeopleSoft for all Purchase Orders as items are received by vendor. Once the last item(s) is received please email A&S; Payment Service Account ( that order is complete.

Dean's Office Responsibilities:

  • Contact vendor and serve as point of contact for payment issues/questions.
  • Complete Supplier Onboarding daily
  • Supplier Address Updates which will require signing up as a new vendor.
  • Prepare Payment Requests & Requisitions and monitor status.
  • Provide sufficient documentation to the Department.
  • Notify department of delays in processing or requests for additional information.


  • All payments to employees (faculty, staff or students) must be entered through the Travel & Expense module by the department. An email from the Controller's Office approving the reimbursement must be attached to the Expense Report. Send exception requests to
  • Prior to reimbursing a student it is important to ask them if they are receiving a paycheck from UofL to determine the appropriate reimbursement method.

Internal Processing Schedule:

  • Supplier Onboarding Requests will be submitted at approximately 3 p.m. each afternoon.
  • Denied requests will be checked each afternoon.
  • Payment Requests will be entered Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.
  • Follow-up on Supplier Requests more than 5 days old each Tuesday and Thursday morning.
  • Follow-up on Payment Requests pending Department Approval for more than 2 business days Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons.
  • Follow-up on Payment Requests stalled in AP for more than 5 business days Tuesday and Thursday mornings.

Forms and Links

Standardized Letter of Invitation
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