Minutes 9-27-13

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
September 27, 2013

Members present: H. Gutierrez, J. Kettle (A&S Student Council),  J. Li, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, W. Yoder, C. Zhang

Members absent: R. Roebuck

Guests: T. Berbet (FA), N. Burton (TA), M. Church (A&S Advising), J. Dietrich (A&S Dean’s Office), G. Mayer (FA), E. Willey (ENGL)

Jessica Kettle, a sophomore Communication major, was introduced as the A&S Student Council representative to the committee.

Professor Roebuck will chair the committee for AY 13-14.  Professor Tillquist will be the committee representative to the General Education Course Committee.

The minutes of the meeting of April 17, 2013, were approved as posted.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2014:

ENGL 455:  Internship for CUE (new course)
ART 599:  Studio Art Undergraduate Capstone Seminar (new course; CUE course for B.A. in Fine
Art).  The committee recommended that the syllabus make clear the requirement that students’ portfolios be reviewed by the entire faculty.  The 1 hour of ART 599 will be added to departmental requirements, increasing the number of hours in the department to 40 and reducing the current 8 hours of free electives to 7.

The committee discussed the proposal for TA 550 as a CUE course at some length.  The syllabus prepared by Professor Burton for students whose CUE would focus on directing was seen as an excellent model for the course and the committee asked for similar information for the other areas in which Theatre students would do their culminating undergraduate work.

Associate Dean Dietrich discussed the process of review  of Community Based Learning courses, a new activity required by Institutional Research this year as a part of the University’s  retention  of its Carnegie designation as a Community Based Learning University .   Departments are in the process of nominating courses for CBL  and those nominations must subsequently be reviewed by the Curriculum Committee.  Professor Dietrich stressed that the CBL element must predominate in all sections of multi-section courses and that the student learning outcomes in the syllabus must illustrate the CBL criteria.