Curriculum Committee


All proposed proposals to change, create, or delete courses must be submitted using the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system. Course Inventory Form (CIF) are no longer accepted.

All proposed changes to existing programs (e.g., changes to major requirements or tracks, changes to a minor, etc.) is now completed through the CIM Program. 

If you need access to either CIM or CIM Program, please send an email to


  • Proposals for new Cardinal Core courses or changes to existing Cardinal Core courses will be due by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2023.
  • All other items that you wish to be effective in Fall 2024 should be submitted by NOVEMBER 28, 2023.  
  • Please submit all materials electronically.

All items related to course scheduling should be sent to This should include all requested adds, changes, cancellations, enrollment increases or decreases, instructor changes, etc..