Minutes 11-28-12

College of Arts and Sciences
Curriculum Committee
November 28, 2012

Members present: N. Ansari (A&S Student Council), R. Carini, J. Li, S. Roebuck (Chair), R. Taylor, C. Tillquist, M. Rohmann, W. Yoder

Members absent: S. Rabin

The minutes of the meeting of November 14 were approved as distributed.

The committee set Wednesdays, 11:00-12:30, as its meeting time for the spring semester.

The committee approved and forwarded to the dean requests for course fees in Chemistry and Fine Arts.

The committee deferred action on TA 550 as CUE course and will request additional information from the department.

The committee recommended to A&S Advising that the proposed GEN 205: Collegiate Success for A&S, a course designed to assist student experiencing academic difficulty, be changed to GEN 095, so that the credit would not be degree applicable.

The committee approved the request from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences to add “completion of the General Education mathematics requirement” to requirements for admission to the major in Psychology. The committee identified possible options for the department’s request to add transfer gpa in psychology courses to the 2.0 requirement for admission to the major, and will continue discussion with the department on this request.

The committee did not approve the proposal for COMM 490: Studying Communication Abroad as a General Education CD1 course.

The committee approved the creation of a new minor in Latin American and Latino Studies. The current separate minors in Latin American Studies and in Latino Studies will be discontinued.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2013.

LALS 315: Humanities Special Topics in Latino Studies (new course)
LALS 316: Social Sciences Special Topics in Latino Studies—WR (new course)
LALS 317: Social Sciences Special Topics in Latino Studies (new course)
LALS 318: Humanities Special Topics in Latin American Studies—WR (new course)
LALS 319: Humanities Special Topics in Latin American Studies (new course)
LALS 320: Social Sciences Special Topics in Latin American Studies—WR (new course)
LALS 321: Social Sciences Special Topics in Latin American Studies (new course)

TRPR 662/SPAN 662: Translation Workshop (prerequisite change)
TRPR 663/SPAN 663: Commercial and Legal Translation (prerequisite change)
TRPR 664/SPAN 664: Literary and Cultural Translation (prerequisite change)
TRPR 665/SPAN 665: Scientific, Technical, and Medical Translation (prerequisite change)
TRPR 667/SPAN 667: Computers in Translation (prerequisite change)
TRPR 668/SPAN 668: Translation Project Management (prerequisite change)
TRPR 669/SPAN 669: Final Translation Project (prerequisite change)
TRPR 670: Special Topics in Translation Studies (new course)

PEAC 375: Independent Study (new course)
PEAC 575: Independent Study (new course)

ARTH 331: Chinese Art (cross-list with Asian Studies 331)
ARTH 531: Studies in Asian Art (cross-list with Asian Studies 531)

FREN 320: French Skills Overview (description change)
FREN 321: French Conversation (description change)
FREN 322: Written Expression (description change)
FREN 327: French Detective Story (description change)
FREN 328: French Cinema (description change)
FREN 329: Paris in Literature and Film (description change)
FREN 331: French Civilization (description change)
FREN 332: France Today (description change)
FREN 455: Reading in French (description change)