Curriculum Committee Minutes October 20, 2011

College of Arts and Sciences

Members present:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, A. Miller, S. Rabin, M. Rohmann, K. Schuler (A&S Student Council), R. Taylor, B. Willey, B. Williams (Chair)

Guests:  B. Fonseca-Greber (CML), D. Keeling (JA), T. Maloney (PHIL), W. Pfeffer (A&S Dean’s Office)

The minutes of the meeting of October 6 were approved as distributed.

The proposal for a  Ph.D. in Justice Administration was approved.

The proposal for a joint MUP/MPH degree was approved.

Changes were approved to the concentration in Bioethics in the B.A. in Philosophy and the minor in Philosophy, effective Summer 2011.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2011:

  • JA 578:  Criminal Justice Leadership (WR credit)
  • ANTH 303:  Human Origins (description change)
  • ANTH 309/WGST 300:  Sex, Gender, and Culture (description and prerequisite change)
  • ANTH 320:  Indians of North America (description change)
  • ANTH 325:  Modern Latin American Societies (title/description change)
  • ANTH 347:  Global Capitalisms (description change)
  • COMM 329:  Marriage and Family Communication (new course)
  • COMM 436:  Mass Media and Close Relationships (new course)
  • COMM 516:  Qualitative Communication Research (number change to 616)
  • COMM 517:  Quantitative Methods in Communication (number change to 617)
  • COMM 601:  Proseminar (change to P/F grading option)
  • COMM 605:  Communication Theory and Practice (prerequisite change)
  • COMM 650:  Corporate Communication (prerequisite change)
  • COMM 698:  Thesis (change to variable credit hours 1-6)

Action was deferred on COMM 322 and 340 for additional information.

FREN 123:  Basic French III was reviewed for CD 2 credit.  The committee made several suggestions for revisions to the proposal prior to its submission to the General Education Course Committee.

WGST 344/PAS 344:  Black Lesbian Lives was reviewed  for  CD 1 credit.  The committee asked for revisions to the assessment materials prior to forwarding the proposal to the General Education Course Committee.