A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes November 3, 2010

College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 3, 2010

Members present:  A. Miller, S. Rabin, M. Rohmann, K. Schuler (A&S Student Council), R. Taylor, B. Williams (Chair)

Members absent:  R. Carini, G. Leichty, B. Willey

Guests:  W. Cunningham (CML), E. Essock (PSYC),  A. Leidner (CML), A. Mastri (CML), J. Pani (PSYC),  A. Summers (PSYC), P. Zahorik (PSYC)

The minutes of the meeting of October 20 were approved as distributed.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2011:

  • SOC 458/WGST 458:  Women:  International Perspective (new course)
  • PSYC 613:  Research Methods in Vision and Hearing Science (new course)
  • PSYC 635:  Sensory Neuroscience (new course)
  • CHST 270:  Chinese Contributions to the World (new course; cross-listed with existing ML 270; forwarded to GECC with request for CD1 approval)
  • GERM 201:  Intermediate German (new course)
  • MATH 511:  Complex Analysis (title/description/prerequisite change)
  • MATH 512:  Complex Analysis II (new course)
  • PSYC 301:  Quantitative Methods (prerequisite change) 

The committee  approved  a proposal  from the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences to establish two concentrations in the Ph.D. in Experimental Psychology.

The committee also approved a proposal for changes to the supporting course requirements for the B.S. in Psychology; changes to the entry requirements for majors and minors in Psychology;  and the addition of a requirement for completion of PSYC 302 with a minimum grade of C for all degrees in Psychology.   (C- will not fulfill this requirement.)

The committee approved the proposal for a minor in German.

Action was deferred on the proposal for a minor in Japanese, and on the new course proposals accompanying it.