Curriculum Committee Minutes Sept 11 2009

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

September 11, 2009

Members present:  B. Bradley (Chair), J. Burnet,  G. Leichty, A. Miller, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor,  B. Willey, B. Williams

Guests:  J. Dietrich (Dean’s Office), T. Hughes (JA), T. K’Meyer (History)

The minutes of the meeting of April 16, 2009, were corrected to reflect that MATH 109 (rather than 209) was one of the courses (the others being PSYC 301, SOC 301, and MGMT 201) for which credit may not be earned if the student already has credit for JA 326.  Additionally, the committee agreed to make the memo of May 6, 2009, from Carol Hanchette, Curriculum Committee Chair 2008-09, to Assistant Dean  Pfeffer regarding “Minimum guidelines for admission to graduate programs by departments: Justice Administration” a part of the approved minutes for  AY 2008-09.

The committee approved a student petition for an exception to the requirements for Dean’s List . 

The committee approved a change to the standards for Dean’s List and Dean’s Scholar designation  permitting exceptions to the requirement that no grades of “I” be earned in the semester in which a student is named to the Dean’s List, if  (1) the “I” is in an Internship and (2) the “I” is completed and a student-initiated petition for the exception filed with the A&S Advising Center within 60 calendar days of the final registrar’s date for receiving grades for the semester. 

Associate Dean Dietrich consulted with the committee about the wording  of a question regarding critical thinking which is to be added to course evaluations. 

The committee approved a proposal from the Department of History stating that students graduating with a major in History must have received a grade of  C  or better in HIST 304:  Historical Methods and in each of two 500-level History courses.  A C- will not fulfill this requirement.   [If the student has taken more than two 500-level History courses, the minimum grade of C is required in only two of them.]  This policy will become effective for students entering the university in Fall 2010.

The committee approved a proposal from the Department of Justice Administration  changing the requirements for the Certificate in Police Executive Leadership Development.  JA 578:  Criminal Justice Leadership will be required in both the undergraduate and the graduate certificate options, replacing JA 470 in the former and JA 665 in the latter.

The following course actions were approved:
ANTH 672:  Thesis and ANTH 673: Internship were changed to variable credit hour (1-6).
 Title and description changes were approved for SOC 374.