A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Feb 8 2008

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

February 8 , 2008


Members present: B. Bradley, K. Chandler, C. Hanchette, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor,

J. Wallin (A&S Student Council)

Members absent: J. Burnet, P. Eason, N. Polzer


The minutes of the meetings of December 4 and 5, 2007, were approved as distributed.

The Committee reviewed a request for changes in the use of instructional development funds previously awarded, and asked that the remaining funds be returned to the account to be available for new requests.

Action on proposed changes to the minor in Military Science was deferred until a representative of the department could be present.

The addition of ML 270 to the Humanities electives in the minor in Chinese Studies was approved.

The tile of HEBR 301 was change to Biblical Hebrew I. HEBR 302: Biblical Hebrew II was approved as a new course.

ARTH 550: Art History Capstone was approved (new course), to be effective Fall 2009.

ARTH 290: Asian Art was approved as an option in the degrees in Art and Art History requiring completion of ARTH 250 and 270. The degrees will now require completion of two of the three courses. Additionally, courses in the Asian Area (ARTH 331, 337, 339, and 531) will be added to the degree in Art History. Students will choose 3 hours each from 4 of the 5 areas.

A credit hour change from 1 to 3 hours was approved for ART 598, contingent upon clarification of how it will effect the BFA degree requirements.

PAS 323: Directing the Black Experience was deleted and the PAS cross-list removed from TA 323.

PADM 637/PLAN 637 was approved, and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

ANTH 531 was approved contingent upon changes being made to the work required for graduate as opposed to undergraduate students.