A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Nov 6 2007

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

November 6, 2007


Members present: J. Burnet, P. Eason (Chair), C. Hanchette, N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Members absent: B. Bradley, K. Chandler, J. Wallin (A&S Student Council)

Guests: N. Potter (PHIL), Deborah Wilson (JA)


The minutes of the meeting of October 30 were corrected to indicate that approved courses will become effective Summer 2008.


The following courses were approved effective Summer 2008: [General Education courses must also be approved by the university-wide General Education Course Committee and graduate courses must be approved by the Graduate School.]


PHIL 207/WGST 207/PAS 207: Introduction to Philosophy Through Cultural Diversity (new course; GER credit in HUM and CD-2)

JA 415: Substance Abuse, Crime and Criminal Justice

JA 430: Environmental Crime

JA 435: Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

JA 500: Crime and Criminal Justice in the Cinema

JA 505: Crimes Against the Elderly

JA 519: Domestic Violence

JA 578: Criminal Justice Leadership

JA 626: Emergency Management

JA 630: Critical Infrastructure

JA 652: Constitutional Administration


The department withdrew the proposal for JA 510: Alternatives to Incarceration


Action was deferred of the following for receipt of additional information:

JA 523: Race and Gender Issues

JA 600: Substance Abuse and Criminal Justice Policy

JA 515: Introduction to Homeland Security

JA 518: International Terrorism

JA 635: Intelligence and Homeland Security