A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Dec 1 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

January 26, 2007


Members present: K. Chandler (Chair), P. Eason, C. Hanchette, S. Parkhurst, N. Polzer, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Guests: J. Campbell (A&S Student Council); D. Clayton (POLS), A. Futrell (COMM), N. Potter (PHIL), R. Roebuck (CML)


The minutes of the meeting of December 1, 2006, were approved as distributed.


The Department of Sociology responded to the committee’s concerns about having the same number of departmental hours in the BA and BS degrees by proposing 39 hours in sociology for the BS and 36 hours in sociology for the BA. With this change, the proposal was accepted. The new requirements will be effective Fall 2007.


The committee approved instructional grant requests from faculty in Philosophy and Political Science.


The committee discussed a proposal from the Department of Communication for a test-out option for the General Education Oral Communication requirement. The committee recommended that the exam carry credit. A revision of the proposal will be submitted to the General Education Course Committee.


Changes to the CLEP scores accepted for credit in French, German, and Spanish were approved. Dr. Roebuck explained that the new scores were in line with the recommendation of the ACE. The new scores/credit will be effective with examinations taken after June 1, 2007.


Changes were approved to the Ecology track in the B.S. in Biology, effective Fall 2007.


The following course actions were approved:


  • BIOL 363: Principles of Ecology (new course)
  • BIOL 685: Advanced Concepts of Physiology (description/credit hour change)
  • BIOL 588: Evolution of Disease Seminar (new course)


Action was deferred on ANTH 322: Introduction to Folklore until the instructor could be present for discussion.