A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Oct 6 2006

College of Arts and Sciences

Curriculum Committee Minutes

October 6, 2006


Members present: K. Chandler (Chair), M. Flairty (A&S Student Council), C. Hanchette, S. Parkhurst, N. Polzer, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Members absent: P. Eason, M. Rohmann

Guests: E. Ross (Psych), E. Wiley (Engl)


The minutes of the meeting of September 8, 2006, were approved as distributed.

Matt Flairty was welcomed as student representative to the committee.

A teaching enhancement grant proposal from the Department of History was approved.

The following course actions were approved, effective Summer 2007, unless otherwise noted:

  • PSYC 432: Vision and Art—prerequisite change
  • PSYC 504: Statistics—changed to PSYC 607
  • PSYC 581: Introduction to Behavioral Medicine—title change to Health Psychology
  • PSYC 601: History of Psychology—new course (The department will submit a CIF to remove the graduate credit option from PSYC 501.)
  • PAS 604: Thesis—changed to P/F grade option and 3 hour credit, rather than variable credit
  • ENGL 391: The Novel in English I—title and description change to Studies in the Novel
  • ENGL 633: 16 th Century Poetry and Prose—title and description change to Renaissance Poetry and Prose
  • ENGL 606: Creative Writing I—prerequisite change
  • ENGL 607: Creative Writing II—prerequisite change
  • ENGL 620: Research in the Composing Process—title change to Research in Composition
  • ENGL 595: Literature and Science—new course

Action on the request for WR credit for ENGL 507: The Teaching of Creative Writing was deferred for additional information and a revised syllabus.

The following were deleted from the inventory: ENGL 099: Basic Writing; ENGL 392: Novel in English II; ENGL 395: American Novel; and ENGL 634: 17 th Century Poetry and Prose.

History 385 and 587 were added to elective choices in the Russian Studies minor.