A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/29/04


November 29, 2004

Members Present: A. Allen, A. Kolers, S. Parkhurst, M. Rohmann, D. Swanson, R. Taylor

Members Absent: B. Beattie, B. Li, A. Paez

Guests: K. Christopher (WGST), G. Vito (JA), W. Walsh (JA)

Professor Kolers chaired the meeting in the absence of Professor Beattie.

Minutes of the meetings of October 25 and November 1 were approved as circulated. The minutes of the meeting of November 15 were corrected to read that the revised requirement for the B.A. in Sociology will be 6 hours of electives (in Sociology) at the 300 level, 9 hours of electives at the 400 level or above and 3 hours of electives at any level. The requirements as stated in the original minutes apply to the B.S. degree.

The proposal for a graduate certificate in the Southern Police Institute program was approved and will be forwarded to the Provost's Office.

Proposed changes to the admission standards to the graduate certificate in Women's and Gender Studies were approved and will be forwarded to the Graduate School.

Biology 553/653 was approved, pending receipt of supplementary information from the department.

Changes were approved to the minors in Anthropology.

The following new courses were approved, effective summer 05:

  • ANTH 304: Prehistoric Europe
  • ANTH 311: Emergence of Human Culture
  • ANTH 312: Rise of Civilization
  • ANTH 329: Zooarchaeology
  • ANTH 332: Ecology, Politics and Culture