A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/10/03


December 10, 2003

Members Present: B. Beattie (Chair), U. Darji, M. D'Silva, A. Kolers, M. Rohmann, R. Taylor

Members Absent: A. Allen

Guests: C. Leuthart (Geog/Geos)

With the corrections of typographical errors in the minutes of November 7, the minutes of October 3 and 24, and November 7 and 14 were approved as distributed.

All actions are effective Fall 2004 unless otherwise noted. Graduate courses and program must also be approved in the Graduate School. General Education credit must also be approved by the university-wide General Education Course Committee.

The committee approved a concentration in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) in the B.S. in Applied Geography. The following course actions were also approved:

  • GEOG 441: History, Philosophy, and Literature of Geography--credit hour change
  • GEOG 442: Senior Honors Thesis--credit hour change (students may earn up to 6 hours total in the course)
  • GEOS 201 was removed as a prerequisite for GEOG 355 and 530 and for GEOS 360, 365, 367, 370, 510, 564, 565, and 610.
  • GEOG 367: Applications Development for GIS--new course
  • GEOG 548: Special Topics in Urban Analysis--new course
  • GEOG 549: Special Topics in Environmental Analysis--new course

The Committee approved a proposal from the Department of Philosophy to create two concentrations within its current B.A. degree program. The present B.A. in Philosophy will become a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Humanities and a new option will be added as a B.A. in Philosophy with a concentration in Social Sciences. This action requires the approval of the provost's office.

The following course actions were approved:

  • POLS 315: Race, Law and Politics--CD-1 credit
  • POLS 320: Civil Rights and the Law--new course to be cross-listed with PAS 363
  • POLS 337: Law, Diplomacy and Power--new course
  • POLS 363: Politics of Oil--new course
  • POLS 399: Topics in Political Science--new course
  • POLS 450: Issues in World Affairs--title/description change
  • POLS 495: Senior Seminar--prerequisite change
  • POLS 512: Legislative Internship--new course
  • PORT 131: Accelerated Portuguese I--new course
  • PORT 132: Accelerated Portuguese II--new course
  • PORT 313: Special Topics in Portuguese--new course
  • MATH 351: Problem Solving--delete
  • MATH 451: Problem Solving--new course; WR credit
  • PSYC 646: Hearing Science I--new course
  • PSYC 647: Hearing Science II--new course

Action was deferred on ANTH 383/HUM 383 for clarification of the course description in light of the material covered in the syllabus.