A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/10/02


December 10, 2002

Members Present: G. Barnes, A. Kolers, R. Luginbill, M. Rohmann, E. Segal (Chair), R. Taylor, W-B. Zeng

Members Absent: J. McLeod, B. Wright

The minutes of the meeting of November 12 were corrected to reflect that ANTH 205 is cross-listed with MUH 205 and that PAS 281 is cross-listed with MUH 218. With these corrections the minutes were approved.

The minutes of the meetings of November 14 and 19 were approved as distributed.

The committee set its meetings for the Spring 2003 semester for the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month, 2:00-3:30.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2003 unless otherwise noted:

SOC 303: Research Methods-approved for WR credit

ANTH 373: Methods in Biological Anthropology-new course
ANTH 373 will be an option to 371 and 376 for majors.

POLS 388: Contemporary Political Thought-new course

COMM 421: Communication Technologies-approved for WR credit

CHNS 455 and 456: Readings in Chinese I and II-new courses

WMST 543/PAS 542: Black Women Studies-title/description change
WMST 643/PAS 643: Black Women Studies-approved, but department is to be notified that the syllabus needs to make clearer the difference between 500 and 600 level graduate credit.

POLS 668/WMST 656: Feminist Theory-new course

WMST 640/PAS 662: Women's Health in Africa-new course
WMST 631: Women in the 20th Century-new course

WMST 415/SOC 442: Sociology of Disabilities-new course
WMST 615/SOC 642: Sociology of Disabilities-new course
(Approved pending designation that credit may not be earned at both the 400 and 600 levels.)

SOC 420: Sociology of Sport-new course
approved pending the department making adjustments to the syllabus

MILS 401: Independent Study-credit hour changed from 1-3 to 1-6.

BIOL 329: Cellular and Molecular Biology-prerequisite changed to BIOL 240 and 242 and CHEM 201 (or consent of department).