A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/03/02


December 3, 2002

Members Present: G. Barnes, A. Kolers, R. Luginbill, J. McLeod, M. Rohmann, E. Segal (Chair), B. Wright (A&S; Student Council), W-B. Zeng

Members Absent: R. Taylor

Guests: P. Laemmle (POLS), L. Larson (MATH), N. Theriot (WMST)

The Committee approved the proposal for a M.A. in Women's Studies. The proposal will be submitted to the Assembly when the Planning and Budget Committee completes its review.

The committee approved the proposal from the Department of Mathematics to remove the internship option from its M.A. program. The change, which will be forwarded to the Graduate School, will not remove MATH 694, the internship course, nor does it affect the internship requirement for the doctoral program in Mathematics.

The committee approved the concept of a 300 level course under the General Studies rubric which might be used for internship or other experiential hours, with the approval of the chair of the department of the student's major and the office of the dean. The committee approved allowing 12 hours of internship credit to count toward a degree, replacing the current limit of 6 hours. The 12 hour limit applies to credit earned under a departmental internship designation or the new GEN 301 designation, or any combination of the two.

SOC 320: Social Theory was approved for WR.
WMST/PAS/SOC 512: Gender, Race, Work, and Welfare and WMST/PAS/SOC 612: Gender, Race, Work and Welfare were approved as new courses.