A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/19/02


November 19, 2002

Members Present: G. Barnes, R. Luginbill, J. McLeod, M. Rohmann (A&S; Advising Center), E. Segal (Chair), R. Taylor (ex-officio), B. Wright (A&S; Student Council)

Members Absent: A. Kolers, W-B. Zeng

Guests: K. Clancey, (MATH), W. Dakan (GEOG/GEOS), D. Kratzer (AIRS)

The committee approved a concentration in GIS in the B.S. in Applied Geography and the following supporting courses:

	GEOG 521:  Medical Geography (new course)
	GEOG 522:  GIS and Public Health (new course)
	GEOG 583:  Spatial and Non-spatial Database Management (new course)

Action was deferred on GEOS 301: Geology for Scientists and Engineers, pending discussion with the department.

The committee approved a minor in Aerospace Studies and the supporting course
AIRS 310: Independent Study.

The committee approved the proposal for a graduate certificate in Logistics and Distribution (LoDI) and the accompanying course MATH 588: Discrete Mathematics for the LoDI Certificate Program.

Also approved were:

	MATH 670:  Stochastic Calculus-new course
	MATH 707:  Seminar in Advanced Mathematics-new course
	MATH 794:  Internship-new course
	MATH 795:  Dissertation Research-new course