A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 11/27/01


November 27, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

Guests: C. Ziegler (POLS), M. Shields (PARA)

The minutes of the meeting of November 15 were approved as distributed.

The committee discussed the proposal for a concentration in Paralegal Studies within the B.S. in Political Science. There were several issues involving the core of paralegal courses to be required. The concentration was approved, contingent upon the department resolving the issue of core courses.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2002. General Education proposals must also be approved by the General Education Course Committee and graduate courses by the Graduate School.

POLS 304: Comparative Urban Politics (new course)
POLS 339: Terrorism (new course)

TA 322/PAS 353: Acting the Black Experience (GE-CD1)
TA 326/PAS 355: Cultural Diversity in Performance (GE-CD1)
TA 343/PAS 343: The Black Aesthetic on Stage (GE-D1)
TA 363/PAS 350/WMST 380: African American Women in Theatre (GE-CD1)
TA 365/PAS 315: Theatre of the African World (GE-CD1)
TA 366/PAS 356: History of African American Theatre (GE-CD1)
TA 367/PAS 367: Black Dramatic Literature (GE-CD1)

COMM 460: Web Site Development II (new course; number changed from original proposal of 560 at request of department)

GEOS 157: Elements of GIS (new course; number changed from original proposal of 257, with approval of the department)

PHIL 540/640: Epistemology (title/description change)
PHIL 538: Theory of Knowledge (delete)

ANTH 337: title/description change to Nationalism, Violence, and the State
ANTH 334: title/description change to Conflict, Law, and Culture
ANTH 321: American Indian Women (new course)

Action was deferred on ANTH 350: Pestilence and Plagues, pending receipt of a revised syllabus.

Action was deferred on PAS 533: History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora, pending receipt of a revised syllabus indicating the difference in work for undergraduate and graduate credit.

The proposed changes to the degree in Anthropology were approved.

The committee returned to the discussion of a "repeat" option for MATH 102. The Registrar can activate a note that MATH 102 will be excluded from the GPA due to completion of a higher level course in mathematics. This was thought preferable to changing the 102 grade to "U" upon completion of the higher level course. This action will count as one of a student's four repeats under the repeat option, but it will be activated automatically. Should a student already have used four repeats when he/she completes the higher level mathematics course, the replacement will still be permitted.