A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 10/02/01


October 2, 2001

Members Present: J. McLeod, R. Roebuck, S. Seif, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor, S. Willihnganz

Members Absent: R. Powers, M. Rohmann

The minutes of the meetings of April 20, August 21, and September 4, 2001, were approved as distributed.

The committee discussed a proposal to provide a mechanism for removing a failing grade in MATH 102 for students who failed the course during the academic year 2000-2001 (Fall 2000, Spring and Summer 2001), and were not able to repeat the course due to its discontinuation as a UofL course. Upon successful completion of MATH 105 or any higher level mathematics course, the "F" in MATH 102 will be changed to a "U." (Should a student have more than one failing grade in MATH 102, only the final attempt will be changed to a "U.") The committee recommends to the Admissions and Appeals Committee that students be able to petition for this option if they failed MATH 102 prior to AY 2000-2001 and were not in attendance during AY 2000-2001 when the course was offered for the last time. The committee would not recommend that the option be available to students who were in attendance during a time when the course was offered but did not attempt to repeat it.

Professor Stenger discussed the subcommittee's meeting with Dean Rothstein on disability issues. The recommendation was to defer specific action until the completion of a student handbook in the School of Law which can serve as a guide for A&S; procedure. Professor Stenger said that in the meeting it became clear that the college does need a written policy, does need to explain the purposes of its requirements in mathematics, foreign language, and possibly written composition, and does need a statement about why an alternative could or could not be offered.

Professor Roebuck reported on the discussions in the General Education Course Committee, particularly its consideration of modifications to the CD area. She also noted that the committee had agreed that 500 level courses would not be considered for either content of competency areas.

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2002:

  • LAT 303: Latin Prose Composition-changed from variable credit hour to 3 credit hours
  • LAT 401: History and Satire-title/description change
  • LAT 411: Readings in Latin Literature-title/description change and change from variable credit hour to 3 credit hours, with new number (402).
  • CHEM 201: General Chemistry I-prerequisite change to ACT score of 25 or higher in mathematics or completion of MATH 111 or EAC 100; completion of one year of high school chemistry recommended
  • WMST 592: Topics in Women's Studies-prerequisite removed
  • WMST 360: Philosophy and Feminism was approved as a new course and cross-listed with the already existing PHIL 318
  • HIST 547: Studies in Russian History was removed from consideration for General Education-CD2 due to the GECC decision on level.