A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 04/20/01


April 20, 2001

Members Present: R. Baldwin, T. Mackey, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, E. Segal, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor

The committee reviewed all of the General Education course submissions remaining on its agenda. Those courses approved as submitted will be forwarded to the General Education Course Committee. The remaining General Education proposals will be returned to the departments with instructions to postpone resubmission until after a workshop on developing General Education proposals which will be held in August. Proposals which were not acceptable as submitted needed clarification of how the learning outcomes would be addressed and/or assessed.

The following courses were approved for General Education as noted, effective Fall 2002. CD-1 refers to courses which meet the race/ethnicity cultural diversity requirement. CD-2 refers to all other cultural diversity courses. [A student must have at least one course in the CD-1 area.] No approval is final until the course has been reviewed by the General Education Course Committee.

HUM 378/PAS 378: African-American Experience, CD-1
PAS 335 (formerly PAS 235): Survey of African American Education, CD-1
PAS 319/HIST 319: African-American History I, CD-1
PAS 320/HIST 320: African-American History II, CD-1
PAS 227: Survey of American Diversity, Social/Behavioral and CD-1
PAS 329: African Diaspora, CD-1
PAS 310/ARTH 343: African-American Art I, CD-1
PAS 311/ARTH 344: African-American Art II, CD-1
PAS 381/ARTH 341: African Art, CD-1
PAS 312/COMM 362: African Americans in American Media, CD-1
HIST 363: Russian History I, CD-2
HIST 364: Russian History II, CD-2
HIST 385: Russian Cultural History, CD-2
HIST 387: The Holocaust and the Western Imagination, CD-2
[Humanities will submit the co-listed HUM course.]
HIST 521: Colonial America to 1765, CD-2
HIST 582: Contemporary Europe since 1945, CD-2
HIST 585: The Third Reich, CD-2
HIST 587: The Russian Revolution, CD-2
HIST 588: Feminism in Western Civilization, CD-2
HIST 357: Middle Eastern History, CD-1
HIST 377: Ottoman Empire to 1800, CD-1
HIST 378: Ottoman Empire and Turkey, CD-1

The following courses were not approved for General Education and are removed from the committee's agenda. They may be resubmitted if changes are made following the late summer workshop.

HUM 377/PAS 317: African American Religion
PAS 386/GEOG 314: Africa: Environment and Resources
PAS 384/GEOG 362: Disease, Ecology and Environmental Management in Africa
PAS 313: Urban Ritual Violence
PAS 324: Political Violence and Resistance
PAS 325: Black Male Identity
PAS 326: Black Political Thought
PAS 330: Women in African American Religion
PAS 332/WMST 348: African American Women
ANTH 305: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 309/WMST 300: Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 310/PAS 368: Race, Culture, Identity
ANTH 316: Ancient Civilizations of Mesoamerica
ANTH 381/PAS 318: African American Cultural Tradition
ANTH 319: Cultures of the Middle East
ANTH 320: Indians of North America
ANTH 323/PAS 383: Cultures of Africa
ANTH 327: Skeletal Forensics
PAS 365/PSYC 366: Multicultural Psychology
PAS 392/WMST 343: Faces of Global Poverty
PAS 334: African Development
PAS 364/WMST 347: Racism and Sexism
HIST 547: Studies in Russian History
HIST 563: Middle Eastern Wars
HIST 593: American Image in the Middle East
TA 322/PAS 353: Acting the Black Experience
TA 323/PAS 323: Directing the Black Experience
TA 326/PAS 355: Cultural Diversity in Performance
TA 343/PAS 343: Black Aesthetic on Stage
TA 363/PAS 350/WMST 380: African American Women in Theatre
TA 366/PAS 367: History of African American Theatre
TA 367/PAS 367: Black Dramatic Literature

The following actions, not involving General Education, were also approved, effective Fall 2002.

GEOG 595: Internship in Geography-deleted
ANTH 328: Indigenous Worlds of South America-new course (but not approved for GenEd CD)
PAS 542/WMST 543: Black Women's Studies-new course and WR credit
HIST 599: U.S. and Cold War Policy-new course (but not approved for WR credit)