A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/06/00


December 6, 2000

Members Present: L. Larson, T. Mackey, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, E. Segal, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor

Guests: R. Fell (BIOL)

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2001 unless otherwise specified.

Changes to the requirements to the major in French were approved, as were the accompanying course actions. (No changes were made to the minor in French.)

FREN 322: French Composition (title change)
FREN 323: French for Careers and Business (title/description change)
FREN 326: Francophonie (new course)
FREN 327: French Detective Story (new course)
FREN 328: French Cinema (new course)
FREN 329: Paris in Literature and Film (new course)
FREN 331: French Civilization (title/prerequisite change)
FREN 332: French Culture (title/prerequisite change)
FREN 355: Intro to Study of French Literature (title/number/prerequisite change)
FREN 501: Main Currents in French Literature (delete)
FREN 502: Main Currents in French Literature II (delete)
FREN 510: Francophone Literature (delete)
FREN 511: Old French Literature (delete)
FREN 513: Literature of the Renaissance (delete)
FREN 514: Literature of Classicism (delete)
FREN 515: Age of Enlightenment (delete)
FREN 516: French Literature, 1800-1850 (delete)
FREN 517: French Literature, 1850-1900 (delete)
FREN 518: French Literature, 1900-1950 (delete)
FREN 519: French Literature after 1950 (delete)
FREN 523: Advanced Composition and Conversation (title change)
FREN 524: Theory and Practice of Translation (new course)
FREN 531: Studies in French Culture (title/prerequisite change)
FREN 606: Ecrits and Lectures Feminins (title/number/description/prerequisite change)
FREN 621: History of the French Language (delete)
FREN 622: Comparative Romance Philology (delete)
FREN 624: French Applied Linguistics (title/number/prerequisite change)
ML 506/WMST 571: Francophone Women Writers and Critics (title/description change)
Action was deferred on FREN 590: French Capstone for additional information.

Change to the requirements for the major and minor in Spanish were approved, as were the accompanying course changes:

SPAN 123: Basic Spanish III (description/prerequisite change)
SPAN 142: Intensive Spanish II (description change)
SPAN 231: Continuing Spanish I (change to 301)
SPAN 232: Continuing Spanish II (change to 302)
SPAN 320: Spanish Skills Review (prerequisite change)
SPAN 321: Spanish Conversation (prerequisite change)
SPAN 322: Spanish Composition (prerequisite change)
SPAN 323: Spanish for Careers and Business (title/description/prerequisite change)
SPAN 325: Practicum in Spanish Theatre (prerequisite change)
SPAN 355: Writers of the Hispanic World (title/prerequisite change)
SPAN 401: Foundations of Spanish Civilization (new course)
SPAN 402: Cultural and Literary Perspectives of Modern Spain (new course)
SPAN 403: Foundations of Latin American Nations and Identities (new course)
SPAN 404: Cultural and Literary Perspectives on Modern Latin America (new course)
SPAN 422: Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (new course)
SPAN 423: Advanced Communication Skills (new course)
SPAN 490: Senior Capstone in Spanish (new course)
SPAN 503: Main Currents in Spanish Literature (delete)
SPAN 504: Main Currents in Spanish Literature II (delete)
SPAN 505: Main Currents in Spanish-American Literature (delete)
SPAN 506: Main Currents in Spanish-American Literature II (delete)
SPAN 517: The Introspective Generation (delete)
SPAN 519: Studies in Latin American Contemporary Literature (delete)
SPAN 523: Advanced Composition and Conversation (delete)
SPAN 525: Spanish for the Classroom Teacher (prerequisite change)
SPAN 527: Latin American Literature: Colonial-19th Century (new course)
SPAN 528: Spanish-American Theatre (title/description change)
SPAN 622: Comparative Romance Philology (delete)

BIOL 240-241: Diversity of Animals and Lab (title/description change)
BIOL 242-243: Biology of Plans and Lab (title/description change)
BIOL 310: Animal Behavior (new course)
BIOL 329: Cellular and Molecular Biology (prerequisite change to CHEM 201 and concurrent enrollment in CHEM 202)
BIOL 355: Bacteriology (description/credit hour change)
BIOL 357: Introductory Microbiology (description/credit hour change)
BIOL 358: Microbiology Laboratory (new course)
BIOL 514: Ornithology (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 529: Mammalogy (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 614: Advanced Ornithology (description/prerequisite change)
BIOL 629: Advanced Mammalogy (description/prerequisite change)

Prerequisite changes were also approved to BIOL 336, 360, 382, 400, 415, 416, 465, 542, 642, 516, 616, and 621.

TA 207: Enjoyment of Theatre (General Education; arts)

The committee approved a proposal from the Department of Theatre Arts for the discontinuation of the B.A. and B.F.A. degrees in Theatre Arts and the creation of a B.S. in Theatre Arts. These changes were made in response to the degree productivity report.

The accompanying course changes were also approved:

TA 211: Voice and Diction (delete)
TA 220: Voice and Movement I (delete)
TA 221: Voice and Movement II (delete)
TA 240: Stagecraft (title/description change)
TA 245: Costuming (delete)
TA 311: Oral Interpretation of Literature (delete)
TA 312/WMST 381: Speaking of Women (removal of prerequisite)
TA 320: Acting I (description change)
TA 321: Acting II (description/prerequisite change)
TA 323/PAS 323: Directing the Black Experience (description/prerequisite change)
TA 330: Directing (prerequisite change)
TA 355: BFA Project (delete)
TA 360: Theatre History and Literature (description/prerequisite change)
TA 361: Theatre Literature II (description/prerequisite change)
TA 368: Avant-garde Theatre (delete)
TA 369: Experimental Theatre (delete)
TA 390: Playwriting Workshop (delete)
TA 421: Acting IV (new course)
TA 422: Advanced Acting (delete)
TA 423: Advanced Acting II (delete)
TA 529: ATL Workshop (prerequisite change)
TA 530: Directing Workshop (prerequisite change)
TA 532; Director-Designer Relationship (delete)
TA 540: Problems in Technical Theatre (description change)
TA 541: Advanced Scene Design I (title/description change)
TA 542: Advanced Scene Design II (delete)
TA 543: Scenographic Techniques (description/prerequisite change)
TA 544: Costume Design I (delete)
TA 545: Costume Design II (title/description/prerequisite change)
TA 547: Period Costume (delete)
TA 548: Lighting Design I (delete)
TA 549: Lighting Design II (title/description/prerequisite change)
TA 550: Theatre Practicum (description change)
TA 567: Asian Theatre (description/prerequisite change)

Action was deferred on TA 362: Modern and Contemporary Theatre (new course: WR) and TA 420: Acting III (new course), pending receipt of syllabi.

The department was asked to send copy indicating any changes to the various minors in the department as a result of the course changes.

GEN 101: A&S; Campus Culture was change to GEN 101: A&S; Modes of Inquiry, and the description was revised to reflect the new approach of the course.

Action was deferred on WR credit for ARTH 397: History of Photography for additional information on how the course would address opportunities for improvement in writing.

The requirement for majors in Humanities to complete 3 of the 300+ out of division hours in History was approved.

JA 306: Criminal Procedure (prerequisite removal)
JA 320: Research Methods I (title/number/prerequisite change)
JA 321: Research Methods II (title/number change)
JA 352: Sex Crimes ( prerequisites removal)
JA 360: Juvenile Justice (prerequisite change)
JA 450: Internship (prerequisite change)
JA 472: Police Management (prerequisite change)

Prerequisite changes were approved for PHYS 542, 555, 561, and 565.

A title change was approved for POLS 625.

Prerequisite changes were approved for LATN 301, 302, 303, 401, and 411.

A credit hour change was approved for WMST 393. Prerequisite changes were approved for WMST 590, 591, and 592.

COMM 428: Photojournalism was deleted.

GEOG 256: Quantitative Methods: Deterministic (delete)
GEOG 356: Quantitative Methods: Stochastic (title/prerequisite change)
Prerequisite changes to GEOG 350, 363, 365, and 367.

A proposal by the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences to remove the requirement that transfer students must take courses in the department at UofL prior to being accepted as a major was approved.

ENGL 305: Creative Writing-the cross-list to TA 390 for Playwriting sections of this course was removed.

The policy on removal of students from conditional status was changed to remove Reading from the required developmental courses which students must complete prior to change of status.