A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 12/05/00


December 5, 2000

Members Present: L. Larson, T. Mackey, R. Powers, R. Roebuck, M. Rohmann, E. Segal, M. Stenger (Chair), R. Taylor

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2001 unless otherwise specified. All courses approved for General Education are forwarded to the university-wide General Education course committee and are not final until approved by the GECC. Only courses at the 100 and 200 level were approved for content areas.

ML 150: Introduction to the French-speaking World-new course; General Education humanities, oral communication, and cultural diversity (The cross-list with FREN 150 was withdrawn by the department.)
PAS 200: Introduction to Pan African Studies-General Education social/behavioral and cultural diversity
PSYC 316: Research and Statistical Analysis I-General Education computer literacy
ENGL 250: Introduction to Literature-General Education humanities
BIOL 102: Introduction to Biological System-General Education natural sciences
BIOL 263: Environmental Biology-General Education natural sciences
PHYS 221: Fundamentals of Physics-General Education, natural sciences
PHYS 222: Fundamentals of Physics II-General Education, natural sciences
PHYS 223: Fundamental of Physics Lab-General Education, natural sciences
ART 514: Digital Imaging (formerly ART 390)-General Education, computer literacy
ART 576: Web Site Design (formerly ART 528)-General Education, computer literacy
ART 577: Advanced Web Site Design-General Education, computer literacy
ART 203: Introduction to Art-General Education, arts
ART 250: Ancient through Medieval Art-General Education, arts
ART 270: Renaissance through Modern Art-General Education, arts
ENGL 105: Advanced Composition-General Education, written communication
SOC 203: Self and Society-General Education, social/behavioral
SOC 209: Principles and Concepts of Sociology-General Education, social/behavioral
SOC 210: Race in the U.S.-new course; General Education, cultural diversity (hold for additional information for social/behavioral General Education)
PHIL 205: Introduction to Philosophy-General Education, humanities PAS 342/WMST 342/ENGL 342: Black Women Novelists-General Education, cultural diversity
PAS 205: Race, Color, and Consciousness-new course; General Education for social/behavioral and cultural diversity
PAS 327/POLS 327: Politics of the Black Community-General Education, cultural diversity
PAS 525: African Americans in Contemporary American Society-description and level change (to 625)
PAS 619: Advanced Seminar in African American Studies-new course

Action was deferred on PAS 532: Slave Trade and Slavery in the African World and PAS 533: History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora for clarification of the requirements for undergraduate/graduate credit.

PAS 392/WMST 343: Faces of Global Poverty-new course; WR (returned to department for additional information on general education learning outcomes for cultural diversity)

PAS 334: African Development-title/prerequisite change approved; returned to department for additional information on cultural diversity learning outcomes

TA 312/WMST 381: Speaking of Women-prerequisite removal approved

WMST 395: Women, Media, and Culture-approved as new course (returned to department for additional support for cultural diversity general education) (cross-list with COMM 354 withdrawn by department.)

The following courses were deleted from the inventory: BIOL 203, 351, 364, 368, 380, 510, 520, 526, 531, 532, 543, 575, 626, 632, 643, 667.

Description changes to indicate term of offering were approved for the following: BIOL 521: Stream Ecology
BIOL 522: Aquatic Ecology
BIOL 562: Ecosystems Ecology
BIOL 563: Population and Community Ecology
BIOL 622: Advanced Aquatic Ecology
BIOL 663: Advanced Population and Community Ecology

The following courses were returned to the department for additional information on general education learning outcomes:

TA 207
PHIL 211
WMST 201 (department to decide whether submitted for humanities or social/behavioral area)
WMST 331/HIST 324 (no syllabus submitted)
PAS 365/PSYC 366
PAS 205
PAS 334
PAS 392/WMST 343
PAS 364/WMST 347
PAS 317/HUM 377
PAS 312/COMM 326
PAS 378/HUM 378
PAS 311/ARTH 344
PAS 381/ARTH 341
PAS 310/ARTH 343

TA 315: Speaking English as a Second Language was not approved for General Education oral communication requirement, due to course level.