November 30, 1999


Members Present: R. Baldwin, J. Hart, T. Mackey, R. Powers, M. Rohmann,

M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Members Absent: M. Flannery

Guests: J. Chalmers (Physics), D. Wilson (JA), C. Leuthart (Geog/Geos),

T. Reidel (Math), P. Salmon (Psych)

The following course actions were approved, effective Fall 2000 unless otherwise noted.

GEOS 106/NATS 106: Earth Systems Lab (delete)

GEOS 107/NATS 107: Earth Systems Science (new course)

GEOG 528: Urban Planning (title/description change)

GEOG 530: Geography of Transportation and Distribution (title/prerequisite


JA 365: Probation and Parole (multiple changes)

JA 403: Prisons and Jails in the United States (new course)

JA 420: Computer Applications in Criminal Justice (new course)

JA 421: Organized Crime (new course)

JA 425: Profiling Violent Crime (new course)

JA 426: Violence in the United States (new course)

JA 520: Capital Punishment (new course; action on WR deferred)

JA 521: White Collar Crime (new course; action on WR deferred)

JA 522: Serial Murder (new course)

PHYS 390: Introductory Computational Physics (new course)

PHYS 450: Introductory Mathematical Physics (new course)

PHYS 495: Communicating in Physics (new course)

PHYS 498: Undergraduate Research (new course)

PHYS 590: Astrophysics (new course)

PSYC 331: Perception (title change approved, pending receipt from the

department of a revised course description for purpose of


PSYC 603: Thesis Guidance (title/credit hour change, with understanding that

a statement would be added to the description clarifying that the

course could be used for either thesis or non-thesis research.)

MATH 570: Actuarial Review II (multiple changes)

MATH 572: Applied Statistical Mehtods for Actuaries (multiple changes)

MATH 573: Operations Research for Actuaries (multiple changes)

MATH 574: Numerical Methods for Actuaries (multiple changes)

MATH 576: Theory of Interest (title/prerequisite change)

MATH 577: Actuarial Mathematics I (multiple changes)

MATH 578: Actuarial Mathematics II (multiple changes)

ITP 104: Special Education Introduction (new course)

ITP 337: Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (new course)

ANTH 327: Skeletal Forensics (new course)

PAS 532: Slave Track and Slavery in the African World (new course

pending receipt of statement of requirements for graduate vs

undergraduate credit)

PAS 533: History and Popular Culture of the African Diaspora (new course)

PAS 605: Special Topics in Pan-African Studies (new course)

PAS 606: Independent Study (new course)

PAS 615: Advanced Seminar on Race (new course)

PAS 619: Advanced Seminar in African-American Studies (new course)

[PAS 604: Thesis was withdrawn by the department]

Revisions to the B.S. in Physics were approved.

The ITP placement policy was approved with the understanding that some details of implementation were still to be clarified.

Changes to the B.A. and B.S. in Mathematics were approved, with the understanding that application area electives will include no more than 6 hours in Mathematics.

Changes to the B.A. and B.S. in Geography were approved. Action was deferred on GEOG 441 and 442 (new courses) to consider the grade option issues.