A&S; Curriculum Committee Minutes, 10/21/97



OCTOBER 21, 1997

Members present: S. Davis, S. Maloney, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal (Chair), M. Stenger, R. Taylor

Members absent: J. Hart

Guests: E. Wise

Professor Segal called the meeting to order at 9:35.

Mary Ann Stenger was introduced as a new member of the committee, elected from 
the Humanities Division in a recently concluded election.  

The following course actions were approved, effective 98F unless otherwise 
noted.  Items pertaining to graduate courses or programs must also be approved 
by the Graduate Council.

HIST 101:  Civilization I (description change to the period covered by the
HIST 102:  Civilization II (description change to the period covered by the
WMST 393:  Lectures in Women's Studies (new course)
GERM 690; SPAN 690; FREN 690: Thesis (change in credit hour from 6 to 3-6)
HIST 583/WMST 531:  Women in the 20th Century in Europe and the U.S. (new
        course; WR credit; will apply to European Area-Modern Period or
        American Area in the history major)

The Committee devoted most of the meeting to discussion of changes proposed by 
the Division of Humanities to its courses, the minor in Religious Studies, and 
the master's degree. The following actions were approved, effective 98F.

HUM 101:  Masterpieces of World Literature to 1700 (description change)
HUM 102:  Masterpieces of World Literature Since 1700 (description change)
HUM 302:  Medieval Culture (approved for Historical Studies GER)
HUM 326:  Studies in Film and Culture (approved for the theory/history of the
        arts subdivision of the Arts and Humanities GER) 
HUM 339:  Studies in World Mythology (new course; applies to group F in the
        minor in Religious Studies)
HUM 366:  Theories of Literature (WR credit)
HUM 380:  Ibero-Latin American Culture (deleted from Historical Studies GER)
HUM 384:  Modern African Culture (deleted from Historical Studies GER)
HUM 387:  The Holocaust and Western Imagination (deleted from Historical
        Studies GER)
HUM 400:  Honors Seminar in Humanities (new course)
HUM 500:  Honors Thesis in Humanities (new course)
HUM 509:  Interdisciplinary Theory: Arts and Humanities (new course)
HUM 550:  Internship in Arts and Humanities (new course)
HUM 609:  Interdisciplinary Theory: Arts and Humanities (new course)
HUM 610:  Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion (new course)

In programmatic actions, the committee approved the division's request that 
HUM courses meeting the General Education requirement in Arts and Humanities 
be limited to courses at the 100-300 level.

The committee approved the recommendation from the Divisions of Humanities and 
Social Sciences to drop the HUM/SOCS cross-list under which the courses in 
religious studies have been offered in the past.  The courses will be 
continued under the HUM designation only. The following SOCS courses were 
deleted from the course inventory:  215, 216, 306, 309, 316, 318, 319, 320, 
334, 335, 336, 340, 341, 343, 344, 345, 351, 352, 510, 511, 512, 513, and 514.

In changes to the minor in Religious Studies, HUM 510: Methods and Theories in 
the Study of Religion was made a requirement of the minor.  Additionally, 3 
hours in each Area C and Area D are now required, instead of 3 hours from one 
of the areas; and 3 hours is required in Area F rather than 6 hours of 
electives from any area. POLS 318 and HIST 516 were removed from the list of 
accepted electives.  The various areas in the minor and the courses within 
them were reconfigured as follows:

Area A: Overview of Religious Studies (3 hours)
        HUM 215, HUM 216, ANTH 331, PHIL 345, SOC 346           
Area B:  Christianity (3 hours)
        HUM 312, HUM 319, HUM 320, HUM 335, HUM 336, HIST 350, HIST 572 
Area C:  Eastern Religions or Islamic Studies  (3 hours)
        HUM 306, HUM 316, HUM 341, HUM 342, HUM 343, HUM 345, PHIL 315
Area D:  Jewish Studies (3 hours)
        HUM 309, HUM 311, HUM 317, HUM 318
Area E:  Methods and Theories (3 hours)
        HUM 510
Area F: Topical Courses 
        HUM 334, HUM 338, HUM 339, HUM 340, HUM 344, HUM 511, HUM 512,
        HUM 513, HUM 514, PAS 317

The committee approved the Division's proposal for a concentration in 
Humanities and Civic Leadership within the M.A. in Humanities.  
The meeting was adjourned at 11:00.