A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Oct 1 1996



OCTOBER 1, 1996

Members present: R. Kimball, H. Miller, J. Morrill, Chair, J. Morrison, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

Guests present: M. Medina (CML), C. Willard (COMM)

Professor Morrill called the meeting to order at 9:05.

The minutes of the meeting of September 17 were corrected as follows: the prerequisites for BIOL 416 should read "BIOL 220, 330, 331, and 355 or 357" NOT "335 or 357." With this correction, the minutes were approved as distributed.

Requirements for admission to the major or minor in mathematics were approved as follows: the student must have (1) a minimum 2.0 overall program grade point average; (2) a minimum 2.0 gpa in Mathematics courses numbered 205 or above (or their equivalents elsewhere); and (3) completed MATH 205 or equivalent and be enrolled in a mathematics course beyond 205. These requirements will be effective immediately.

The following course actions were approved, effective 97U unless otherwise noted.

        WMST 500:  Senior Seminar in Women's Studies--approved for WR

        ENGL 651:  Nineteenth Century Fiction--changed to Nineteenth
                   Century British Fiction
        ENGL 652:  Nineteenth Century Poetry and Prose--changed to       
                   Nineteenth Century British Poetry and Prose
        ENGL 661:  Hawthorne and Melville--changed to Nineteenth Century
                   American Fiction
        ENGL 662:  Whitman and His Contemporaries--changed to Nineteenth
                   Century American Poetry and Prose

        SPAN 529:  Spanish-American Poetry (new course)
        SPAN 530:  Spanish-American Narrative (new course; approved
                   pending receipt of syllabus with explanation of       
                   graduate/undergraduate requirements)

        POLS 530:  International Negotiation (new course) 
        POLS 652:  Presidents and Prime Ministers (new course)

        BIOL 670:  Special Topics in Physiology (delete)
        BIOL 673:  Special Topics in Virology (delete)
        BIOL 674:  Special Topics in Vertebrate Zoology (delete)
        BIOL 675:  Special Topics in Evolutionary Biology (delete)
        BIOL 676:  Special Topics in Invertebrate Zoology (delete)
        BIOL 677:  Special Topics in Microbiology (delete)
        BIOL 678:  Special Topics in Biosystematics (delete)
        BIOL 679:  Special Topics in Conservation (delete)
        BIOL 680:  Special Topics in Entomology (delete)
        BIOL 681:  Special Topics in Aquatic Biology (delete)
        BIOL 682:  Special Topics in Biogeography (delete)
        BIOL 683:  Special Topics in Marine Biology (delete)

        COMM 650:  Corporate Communication (new course)
        COMM 651:  Conflict Management (new course)
        COMM 652:  Computer-Mediated Communication in Organizations (new
        COMM 653:  Integrated Marketing Communication Campaigns (new
        COMM 654:  Public Relations and Crisis Management (new course)
        COMM 690:  Special Topics (new course)

The newly approved courses in Communication will support the concentration in Communication offered in the MBA; the courses are restricted to students who have been admitted to the MBA program.

The committee voted to forward to the Graduate School the proposal for a concentration in Environmental Studies under the Interdisciplinary Studies M.S.

Action was deferred on the following until a departmental representative could be present to provide additional information: POLS 519, BIOL 584/684, BIOL 621, BIOL 572, BIOL 671, BIOL 672.