A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes Nov 26 1996



November 26, 1996

Members present: R. Kimball, H. Miller, J. Morrill, Chair, J. Morrison, M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

Members absent: C. Galloway

Guests: T. Byers (ENGL), S. Murrell (PSYC)

Professor Morrill called the meeting to order at 9:05.

The proposal from the Department of Communication to allow its majors to 
fulfill the general education statistics requirement and a social science 
elective through completion of any social sciences statistics course was 
approved.  The committee noted the limited ability of the other social science 
departments to accommodate additional students in their statistics courses and 
was assured by the faculty advisor for the Department of Communication that 
MATH 109 would continue to be recommended to most students.  

The committee approved new requirements for the major in English, effective 
97F.  Requirements for the minor in English are not affected, though Professor 
Byers said that the department may consider changes at a later time.

The following course actions were approved, effective 97U unless otherwise 

ENGL 313:  British Literature from the Beginning 
        through Shakespeare (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 315:  Nineteenth-Century British Literature (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 316:  Modern British and Irish Literature (new course; WR  credit)
ENGL 317:  Contemporary British and Post-Colonial Literature (new       
        course; WR credit)
ENGL 318:  American Literature to 1830 (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 319:  American Literature from 1830 to 1865 (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 320:  American Literature from 1865 to 1910 (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 321:  American Literature from 1910 to 1960 (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 322:  American Literature from 1960 to the Present (new course; WR credit)
ENGL 323:  African-American Literature from 1845 to the Present (new course; 
        WR credit)
ENGL 491:  Interpretive Theory:  New Criticism to the Present   (new course)
ENGL 535:  Applied Linguistics for English Teachers (new course)
LING 535:  Applied Linguistics for English Teachers (new course)
ENGL 550:  Studies in African-American Literature (new course)
ENGL 575:  Genre Studies in African-American Literature (new course)
ENGL 577:  The Harlem Renaissance (new course)
ENGL 599:  Advanced Studies in English (new course)

HIST 363:  Russian History I (cross-cultural GER)
HIST 364:  Russian History II (cross-cultural GER)
HIST 385:  Russian Cultural History (cross-cultural GER)

WMST 210:  Women in the Global Community (new course; cross-    cultural GER)

HUM/SOCS 510:  Methods and Theories in the Study of Religion (WR credit)

PSYC 606:  Research Practicum in  Psychology (title/description change)
PSYC 679:  Introduction to Assessment and Clinical Skills (credit hour change)
PSYC 680:  Intellectual and Cognitive Assessment (prerequisite change)
PSYC 681:  Behavioral and Personality Assessment (prerequisite change)
PSYC 683:  Psychological Interventions I (description/prerequisite change)
PSYC 684:  Psychological Interventions II (description/prerequisite change)
PSYC 697:  Psychotherapy Research (addition of laboratory component--no 
        change in credit hours)
PSYC 682:  Advanced Clinical Techniques (delete)
PSYC 781:  Research Seminar in Clinical Psychology (delete)
PSYC 695:  Group Psychotherapy (delete)
PSYC 785:  Clinical Psychology Practicum (prerequisite change)
PSYC 691:  Program Evaluation (new course)
PSYC 692:  Program Evaluation Project (new course)

The meeting was adjourned at 10:15.