A&S Curriculum Committee Minutes June 9 1997



June 9, 1997

Members present: R. Kimball, J. Morrill (Chair), M. Rohmann, R. Sahoo, E. Segal, R. Taylor

The Committee met to review new language for the policy on the awarding of 
dean's scholar/dean's list honors and to consider issues raised by the  
stipulation approved at the meeting of 4/16/97 that courses must be at the 
100-level or above to count toward meeting the scholar/list requirements.

The Committee determined to maintain the requirement that courses which 
qualify a student to be named a dean's scholar or to the dean's list must be 
at the 100-level or above.  

In response to some concerns from the Advising Center, the language of the 
policy was changed slightly from the version approved on 4/16.  The changes 
did not alter the substance of the policy, but, it was hoped, further 
clarified it for students.  The policy, effective 97U, is to read:

        A student who in one semester (fall/spring/summer) completes 12 or 
        more graded credits in courses numbered at the 100 level or above with 
        all grades of "A," and no grades of "I,","X," or "U," is named a Dean's 

        A student who completes in one semester 12 or more graded       
        credits with the grades of "A," "B," or "C" and a 3.5 grade point
        average, with no grades of "D," "F," "I," "X" or "U," is named to the
        Dean's List.  

        The grade of "P" has no effect on the determination for Dean's Scholar
        or Dean's List.

        A student who meets either of these standards in one semester will 
        be awarded the appropriate honor through ordinary clerical procedures 
        in the Office of the Dean.

        A part-time student who meets the standards for Dean's  Scholar or 
        Dean's List in a series of semesters (fall/spring/summer) in the College
        of Arts and Sciences, consecutive from the standpoint of the student's 
        enrollment, may petition through the Arts and Sciences Advising 
        center for award of the appropriate honor.  Such petitions must 
        be made within one semester of meeting the requirement.  All hours 
        earned in the final semester of the series will be counted, and hours 
        earned in any one semester may not be counted more than once toward
        wither honor.