Provost’s A&S Strategic Planning Committee

The charge of the Provost’s A&S Strategic Planning Committee is to develop a plan for how the College of Arts and Sciences can strengthen the divisional model stipulated in the college’s existing by-laws (Section x, p.6). A successful divisional model plan will allow the college to:

  • Foster greater interdisciplinarity and curricular cooperation across departments
  • Streamline administrative and business duties, allowing department chairs to focus on curriculum, faculty development, accreditation, and advancement
  • Enhance and grow research collaborations
  • Utilize the budget model to support the mission
  • Provide a greater sense of identity and better communication
  • Enhance the college’s strengths and distinctiveness

Faculty governance is the foundation of this committee, and its membership is constituted by a majority of A&S faculty and staff. The following university members are serving on the committee in the following roles:

First Name Last Name Department Division Category Provenance
1 Cara Cashon Dean’s Office Social Sciences Faculty Dean-appointed
2 Matthew Church Advising Administration Staff College-elected
3 Michael Cunningham Communication Social Sciences Faculty College-elected
4 Danielle Dolan Advising Administration Staff College-elected
5 Karen Freberg Communication Social Sciences Faculty Provost-appointed
6 Craig Grapperhaus Chemistry Sciences Faculty Dean-appointed
7 Rick Graycarek Provost’s Office Administration Staff Provost-appointed
8 Jayanthi Chakram Physics Sciences Faculty Provost-appointed
9 Avery Kolers Philosophy Humanities Faculty College-elected
10 Brandon McCormack Pan-African Studies / ABI Social Sciences Faculty Provost-appointed
11 Natalie Polzer Comparative Humanities Humanities Faculty College-elected
12 Glynis Ridley English Humanities Faculty College-elected
13 Aaron Rollins Urban & Public Affairs Social Sciences Faculty College-elected
14 Edna Ross Psychological & Brain Sciences Social Sciences Faculty Dean-appointed
15 Douglas Craddock Provost’s Office Administration Staff Ex officio
16 Sarah Lopez Provost’s Office Administration Staff Ex officio
17 David Owen Dean’s Office Administration Faculty Ex officio
18 David Schultz Dean’s Office Administration Faculty Ex officio
Gerry Bradley Provost’s Office Administration Faculty Committee Chair

The committee will meet weekly beginning on March 4 and conclude its work by December 31, 2022. Concurrent with the committee’s work, the Dean’s Office will develop ongoing opportunities for the committee members to hear from and engage with the wider college community, including town hall meetings (see below) and this website.

Once the committee crystallizes their ideas, a draft of those ideas will be presented to the faculty and staff of the college for review and feedback. Based on the feedback, the committee will prepare a second draft for review, revision, and then present the final plan to the Faculty Assembly.

The committee’s plan will position the College of Arts & Sciences to flourish in a changed higher education landscape.

Many thanks to those who joined us at the Town Hall for faculty and staff on December 1, 2022, 5:00-6:30 pm, Chao Auditorium, Ekstrom Library. The committee’s findings were presented, and questions were answered.

To submit feedback on the committee’s work, please complete this webform, which is open to anyone with a UofL email address.

If you would prefer to submit feedback anonymously, you can do so here.