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Academic Policies & Reporting

A&S Academic Integrity Procedures

A&S Academic Grievance Procedures

Academic Integrity

In accordance with the Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities, academic dishonesty is prohibited at the University of Louisville. Academic dishonesty is defined by the Code of Student Conduct. Its definition pertains to but is not limited to cheating, fabrication, falsification, multiple submission, plagiarism, and complicity. It is the student's responsibility to maintain high standards of ethical conduct, and intellectual integrity and to be familiar with the definition of academic dishonesty. The Dean’s office works to ensures that the Academic Integrity Procedures for the College of Arts and Sciences are followed appropriately and that disciplinary actions are applied uniformly and equitably across the school commensurate with the type and circumstances of the violation.

If you suspect a student has engaged in academic dishonesty, please review the College’s Academic Integrity Procedures. After completing procedures A, B, and C, you may submit Academic Dishonesty Incident Report (D), using the University’s centralized system (Unit Wide Academic Dishonesty Reporting Database) at the following link:

Academic Dishonesty Incident Report (OnBase)

Student Grievance

Students who wish to pursue grievances of any kind may consult with the Student Grievance Officer or the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education in the College of Arts and Sciences who will apprise the student of the policies and procedures regarding grievances. Detailed information on how to submit and pursue a grievance can be found on the Dean of Students website.