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Graduate Faculty

Current list of Graduate Faculty (Last Updated: Feb. 3, 2020)

A&S ad-hoc faculty listing (Last Updated: May 29, 2019)

Academic Policies

Graduate Catalog

Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Education at UofL

A&S Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Study


Graduate School Admissions Information for DGS

Admissions Referral Form

GTA Letter of Offer

GTA Letter of Agreement

Thesis and Dissertation Committees

Thesis/Dissertation Advisory Committee Appointment

Final Oral Exam Schedule

Other Useful Forms

Independent Study Application

Grade Authorization form

Late Withdraw/Add Petition

Repeat a Course


Variance Definitions

Variance Request Form

Probation and Dismissal

  1. Probation
      • i. If a department seeks to place a student on probation, provide the associate dean the reasons, including the specific requirements to come off of probation.
      • ii. In cases where probation appears warranted, the dean will write a letter to the student, incorporating both the rationale for probation and the mechanisms for coming off probation.
      1. Dismissal:

      Please note only the dean can dismiss a student; programs and departments may not

        • i. Provide the associate dean the reasons for dismissal.
        • ii. When warranted, the dean’s office will draft the dismissal letter and send it to the student.


          A&S Course Syllabus Guidelines (Last Updated: August 3, 2015)

          Note: Syllabi for Independent Studies must be posted; use Independent Study application with ID numbers redacted or use sample syllabi.

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