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Have a question about joining the Cardinal Family? You're not the only one! Here's a list of our most common inquiries from incoming students.

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Applying to UofL


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Applying to UofL

When is the application deadline?

The University of Louisville has a rolling admissions policy, so you will hear back from our office within a few weeks of completing your admissions application and submitting all required material. Apply now via the UofL Take Flight application or the Common App.

What do I need to apply?

A complete application to UofL includes:

    • Completed application for admission
    • High school transcript
    • ACT or SAT score (test scores are optional UNLESS you are applying to the J.B. Speed School of Engineering, the College of Business, or the School of Nursing.)
    • $25 application fee (waived if you are on free-reduced lunch)

What does it mean that UofL is "test optional" for fall 2021?

We're glad you asked! View our test-optional FAQs.

I am struggling with finding a place to take the ACT/SAT - what should I do?

Most of our programs are test optional for the class of 2021 so we would encourage you to apply without a test score. If you are applying to a program that requires a test score (Business, Engineering, Nursing) please reach out to your Admissions Counselor.

If I take the ACT or SAT after applying can I send UofL my updated scores?

Yes! You can always send us updated scores to .

Do you superscore the ACT or SAT?

No, we do not.

How do I send my transcript?

There are a few ways first-time freshmen can submit a transcript to UofL. Your high school counselor can send via: 

    • Exchange websites such as Parchment or National Student Clearinghouse (preferred)
    • Email to: (preferred) 
    • Postal services to: Office of Admissions, Dept. AO, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY 40292

We cannot accept any transcript directly from students.

I applied, how long will it take to hear something?

If you applied to UofL as a test score optional applicant you should receive your admissions decision about four weeks after your application was complete. If you applied to UofL with test scores you should receive your admissions decision about two weeks after your application was complete.  Not sure if your application is complete?  Check yourNew Cards Gateway.

How do I log into my Application Gateway?

Visit thiswebsite and then enter the email address you used to apply for admission and your password. Don’t remember your password? There is also a link on that page if you need to reset your password.

Is UofL part of the Common App? 

Yes! Starting with the application for the 2021 academic year you can apply via the Common App or UofL’s Take Flight Application

What do I need in order to be admitted to UofL?

If you are applying with test scores our minimum requirement for admission* is a 2.5 cumulative GPA and 20 ACT or 1030 SAT.  We do accept weighted GPAs. 

If you are applying without test scores, please review our website dedicated to all things test optional. 

*The requirements for the College of Business, School of Nursing, and Speed School of Engineering, are as follows:

  • Business- 3.3 GPA and 22-24 ACT (1100-1190 SAT) and  minimum 23 Math ACT (560 Math SAT) OR 3.0 GPA and 25-36 ACT (1200-1600 SAT) and  minimum 23 Math ACT (560 Math SAT) 
  • Engineering- 3.5 GPA and 24 ACT (1160 SAT) with a Math and Science ACT of 24 (580 Math SAT) OR 3.0 GPA and 25-36 ACT (1200-1600 SAT) with a Math and Science ACT Of 25 (290 Math SAT). You also must have taken (or currently be taking) Chemistry and Pre-Calculus or Calculus.  Physics is strongly recommended.  
  • Nursing- 3.0 GPA and 22 ACT (1100 SAT) and 22 Math ACT (540 Math SAT)

What is the Metropolitan College/UPS program?

The University of Louisville has the most unique partnership in the country with UPS, and is the only school in the U.S. to offer the Metro College partnership. If you are interested in Metro College, you should first visit the Metro College website to ensure that you meet the requirements. We also strongly recommend talking with your admissions counselor about the program, as it works better for some individuals and academic majors than others. The Metro College website has more information about their application process, how they use FAFSA funds, and more specifics about the type of work done at their Worldport at their website.


What scholarship opportunities do you offer?

UofL has a variety of scholarship opportunities, including a mix of automatic, admissions-based scholarships, and competitive, application-based scholarships. You can visit our website for the most up-to-date information about our available scholarships! 

Admissions-based scholarships

Most admissions-based scholarships are automatically awarded after meeting certain GPA and ACT/SAT criteria. You must meet the GPA and test score requirements listed in order to receive the scholarships. All awards are renewable for up to 4 years (8 semesters*), and you can only receive one admissions-based scholarship. For a full list of admissions-based scholarships, visit our scholarship website.  

*Speed School of Engineering students are awarded 9 for semesters

Competitive and Mentored Scholarships

The University of Louisville Offers a wide variety of competitive and mentored scholarships opportunities. These scholarships range in scope and scale, as well as in scholarship award amount. If you qualify to apply for a mentored scholarship, the application will appear in your New Cards Gateway. Most competitive and mentored scholarship applications are due by December 15. More information about all of these scholarships can be found on our scholarship website.

Do you offer the opportunity to apply for other scholarships?

We do have some departmental and alumni scholarships; you can check out the list and application requirements here.

The Community Foundation of Louisville is also a good place to look for scholarships.


Admitted Students

What are my next steps? Am I forgetting anything?

We’re glad you asked! You can ensure that you have all of your business taken care of with our First-time Freshman Guide. If you have questions about any of these steps, or further questions about the admissions process, please call 502-852-6531, email or contact youradmissions counselor directly.   

How do I “commit” to the University of Louisville?

All first-time freshmen are required to accept their offer of admission and pay a $100 enrollment deposit. This deposit is non-refundable and will be applied to your tuition for the semester that you intend to enroll.

You will accept your offer and pay your enrollment deposit through your New Cards Gateway. If your application fee was waived, your enrollment deposit will automatically be adjusted to $25. Please visit the First-time Freshman Guide for more details.

I deposited to attend UofL. When do I register for classes?

You will register for your fall 2021 classes as part of New Cards Orientation.   

I want to take a summer class. What is my first step?

If you were admitted for fall and plan to attend UofL this fall, just let us know via email to and we will update your start term for summer. Next you will need to contact your academic advising unit so you can be sure you are taking a course that fits your degree program and you are eligible to take. 

If you plan to attend another college/university and were admitted to UofL for fall, you must reapply as a College Visitor. In addition, we encourage you to reach out to the college/university you plan to attend to make sure the course(s) you are taking will meet their degree requirements. Once you reapply and have been admitted as a College Visitor, you will receive an email in 2-3 business days with information on how to register for your classes.

I was admitted as “pre-____” what does that mean?

If you have applied to certain competitive programs but do not meet the minimum criteria (GPA, ACT, or SAT) to begin in that program right away, you may start your time at UofL as pre-major. As a pre-program student, you will have the opportunity to take courses that prepare you for your intended major, and then apply to be part of that program later in your time at Louisville. If you are admitted pre-major, you can still submit new test scores and transcripts during the application process to become eligible for admission to the full major.     

How can I change my major?

After February 20 of your senior year, when you register for orientation you will be asked to verify your major. At this point you can let us know if you want to change your major. If you would like to change your major prior to February 20, please call our office at 502.852.6531 and we will assist you. 

Can I double major?

Yes, When you meet with your academic advisor at New Cards Orientation to discuss your academic goals and your class schedule, you can let them know you would like to double major, or consider a major and a minor.       

When will I receive my financial aid package?

Our financial aid office will begin sending financial aid offer letters in late November to students who have been admitted to UofL and filed their FAFSA in October. Financial Aid will continue to send out financial aid award letters throughout the fall and spring. Your first offer letter will be sent through the USPS, subsequent offer letters will go to your UofL email.

I am getting a scholarship from my high school/community organization/church/parent’s employer. How do I let you know?

Congratulations on receiving an outside scholarship! Please gohere to let our financial aid office know.

I’m taking a gap year. What will my admission status and scholarship eligibility be when I return?

Once your plans are finalized, and you know when you'd like to begin at the University of Louisville, email Please include the following information:

    • Name, Address, Phone, and Email address
    • Semester you would like to begin. (i.e. Fall, 2021)
    • Major
    • Statement confirming you have not attended school anywhere in the past year

  *If you do earn college credit during your gap year, you will need to reapply as a Transfer student and if applicable, your scholarship is forfeited. However, you may apply for a Transfer Scholarship. In addition, please note if you have submitted your enrollment deposit for the upcoming school year, you will be required to pay the deposit again. If you have applied for Housing, please notify Housing of your plans by May 1 to avoid additional charges at 502.852.6636 or


Residence and Campus Life

How safe is campus?

The city of Louisville was named the third safest city in America for families, and the University prides itself on being one of the safest institutions around. With a variety of safety measures including a fully-accredited campus police system, a smartphone app (Rave Guardian) specifically designed for UofL, the fully lit, 24/7 “L-Trail” that runs through campus, and the Cardinal Cab that allows students to be picked up and dropped off free of charge by campus police, UofL is a “safe” bet! Find out more about our campus safety measures.

Can I bring my car to campus my first year? 

Absolutely! All students are able to bring cars if they would like, and parking passes begin at $99 per year. No car? No problem! The TARC Bus System is free for all students, and takes you everywhere you need to go across campus, downtown, and around Metro Louisville.

Do I have to live on-campus?

Campus Housing has a 2-year live on requirement for students who are not going to live at home with a parent or guardian. If you are from the Greater Louisville area you have the option to live on-campus or remain at home. You can find out more about on campus housing, or apply to live on campus here. If you do plan to live at home you will need to complete the Housing Exemption request, located in the Housing Portal.  

If I live on campus the summer after my freshmen year can I become a resident and pay in-state tuition going forward?

No. Per Kentucky law, students who begin as out-of-state students will almost always stay out-of-state for tuition purposes during the length of their time at UofL. For more information about residency policies you can visit our website.

When do I select my residence hall?

After you have been admitted to UofL, and thehousing application has opened (usually in November), you can apply to live on campus.  After you have submitted your housing application you will be contacted about selecting your hall and your room. 

How can I find a roommate?

While there is currently no University-sponsored way to find a roommate, many students join unofficial social media groups or use admissions events, like Admitted Student Day and Hometown Admitted Student Nights, to find their future roommates! You are not required to have a roommate preference, and many Cardinals have randomly-assigned roommates that become their best friends for life!

Do I have to sign-up for a meal plan or what meal plan options do you offer?

UofL will automatically assign your meal plan based on your housing accommodation.  You can find out more information about our meal plans online 

Do I have to pay to use the recreation center?

The Student Recreation Center fee is included as part of your bill, so you will have access to it by showing your Cardinal Card (Student ID) during the school year. You must pay the Student Recreation Center fee, regardless of use. 

How expensive are tickets to the sporting events? 

With the Flight 23 plan, you can get access to every home sporting event for all 23 Division 1 athletic teams for just $10 a month ($100 a year over the course of the academic year)!  

Do you have Greek Life? 

The University of Louisville has 33 Greek organizations, including all Divine 9. In any given year, about 15-20% of UofL students participate in Greek organizations. Learn more about about Greek Life.


Visiting and Exploring Campus

For all in-person and virtual visit questions, please check out our visit page.


We're here to help!

If you have additional questions, please reach out to your personal Admissions Counselor.

For COVID-19 related questions, please visit our webpage for admissions-related COVID-19 information or the University's webpage for other COVID-19-related information.