Guaranteed Entrance to Medical School

Students who COMPLETE the GEMS program are automatically admitted to UofL's School of Medicine if they maintain a 3.4 GPA, score at or above the national mean on each section of the MCAT and fully participate in program activities. As a GEMS participant, you enjoy the advantages of an unparalleled hands-on experience in the medical community. GEMS participants are able to:

  • Build relationships with medical school faculty, administrators and students
  • Accompany physicians on rounds and observe surgeries
  • Participate in selected programs that strengthen academic preparation, encourage research and/or introduce the practice of medicine
  • Attend meetings of professional medical organizations
  • Develop friendships with students who share similar goals and interests

Requirements to Apply:

  • 30 ACT or 1360 SAT
  • 3.75 GPA
  • First-time in college student
  • Submitted application to the University of Louisville.
  • You don't need to wait for your UofL acceptance letter to apply for GEMS. Log in to your Application Gateway and look for GEMS under the competitive checklist tab. Please note: this program will only appear in your competitive checklist tab if you meet the minimum ACT/SAT and GPA requirements to apply. 
  • A complete application includes:
    • One essay concerning how you arrived at this point in your life and career decision-making, including plans and goals for the future (400 words or less)
    • Two letters of recommendation (one high school principal or counselor and one science or mathematics teacher)
    • Resume including all extracurricular activities, honors and awards
    • Be a resident of Kentucky (Special circumstances may be considered when a student’s parents are transferred out of the state due to a military or government commitment.)*

Apply to GEMS by December 15. 

*Absent special circumstances, high school students who are residents of the state of Kentucky but are attending a high school outside of the state are not eligible to apply to the GEMS program. Special circumstances may be considered when a student's parents are transferred out of the state due to a military or government commitment.