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Parents' Checklist

by Kathren Partin last modified Feb 10, 2011 03:41 PM

While your child is responsible for taking care of business as a university student, you and I both know that sometimes a little reminder is needed. Here are some things that need to be taken care of:


Before Classes Start

  • Apply to Jefferson Community and Technical College (JCTC) – this can be done online
  • Add JCTC’s code to your FAFSA application. The JCTC code is 006961. The FAFSA must be filled out before March 15
    EVERY YEAR your child is in college if you are applying for federal grants or loans.
  • Register for an ULtra Orientation at JCTC. Go to the ULtra website and click on orientation registration.
  • Attend orientation (parents are welcome to come). Be sure your student brings a copy of the ACT for placement purposes. This is where your student will get information, be advised, enrolled in classes, and get a student ID card. 
  • Take care of tuition payments. Payment is due the week before classes begin. You can pay at one time or make arrangements to make several payments throughout the semester. Instructions for on-line tuition payment are available on the JCTC website under Costs & Finances.
  • Pick up a parking pass at the Business Office once the bills are taken care of.
  • Buy books. There are bookstores on all the JCTC campuses. Your student will take his or her class schedule to the store and the clerks will help find the books. Books are expensive so shop early to get the best choice of used books.  Many students get books online, often far cheaper than the college bookstores.
  • Check out the campus and figure out parking, classrooms and eating places before classes start.


When Classes Start

  • Ask your student about their professors, what they are learning and how they are adapting to campus life. Be interested but not nosy (yes, I know it’s hard...)
  • Make sure that your student has quiet uninterrupted time to study if they are living at home. 
  • If your son or daughter seems to be having academic difficulty, encourage him or her to talk to the professor about ways to improve their grades. Free tutoring is also available - the number is 213-2344.
  • If you think your child is having difficulty adjusting or is dealing with a stressful situation, suggest the Counseling Center. The counselors at JCTC are outstanding! The number is 213-2176.
  • Mid October is the time for early registration for spring classes. Ask what classes your student is taking. Students who register early get the best times and schedules.
  • Finals week may be a stressful time.  A little extra TLC may help during this time. Grades will be posted at then end of finals week


After the Semester

College is very different from high school. And some students make the transition easily. Congratulate your child if they have done well. Perhaps your student had difficulty. This is a good time to talk about what he or she will do differently next semester.

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