Adult Students

Learn about starting or continuing your education at the University of Louisville as an adult age 22 or older.

Am I considered an adult student?

We understand that adult learners, 22 years of age and older, have different needs and lifestyles than a traditional student and our friendly staff are happy to assist you through your admission process from start to finish. Our goal is a smooth admission process and our dedicated staff to provide unique support to Adult Returning Students, Senior Citizens, and Project Graduate Students.

Where do I begin?

The admissions process can be intimidating, overwhelming, frustrating, and differ among schools. To begin, we recommend you read the following statements to see if there is one that describes your situation: if you cannot find a description that matches your situation, contact our office at 502-852-0166 or  for direct assistance.

Have questions?

Book an appointment with Brittney Hunt, our transfer admissions counselor who works with our adult student populations.

Book an appointment with University of Louisville, Office of Admissions