Reverse Degree

UofL has partnered with JCTC, ECTC, OCTC, and Ivy Tech to assist students with the obtainment of an associate degree after transfer.

If you began your education with any of our partners before transferring, or swirled, you may have earned enough credit hours to get an associate degree without realizing. Associate degrees can be awarded after:

  1. Earning at least 15 credit hours at JCTC.
  2. Earning 80 credit hours total between JCTC and UofL.
  3. Earning your general education credits.
  4. Maintaining a GPA of 2.0 or higher.

Quick Facts about obtaining an a reverse associate degree:

  • An associate degree means completion of all general education requirements, including the two cultural diversity courses required for graduation from UofL.
  • Data from the Kentucky Transfer Feedback Report (2010) indicated that 61.9% of students who had transferred with an associate degree graduated within four years of transfer.
  • UofL and JCTC have awarded over 700 students over 1000 reverse degrees (some students were eligible for multiple degrees) since fall 2013.
  • 85% of student who participate in the reverse degree initiative have been retained and/or persisted to graduation.
  • 62% of participants have graduated with a bachelor's degree

    There is nothing that you need to do to initiate the process for applying for a Reverse Degree at this time. Transfer Services will contact all eligible students twice a year, September 1st (for fall eligibility) and February 1st (for spring eligibility). Eligible students will receive an email in their UofL email account with detailed instructions and next steps. If you have any questions, not related to eligibility, prior to September and/or February 1st please feel free to contact our office at or call 502.852.0166.