Adult Returning Student

If you have previously attended higher education institution and are looking to return, you are considered an Adult Returning Student. Whether you have credits from a previous college or are returning to UofL, our office is here to assist you through the (re)application process to finish your degree.

We have three categories for adult returning students:

  • Transfers: students who previously attended a higher education institution other than UofL.


  • Reenrolls: students who last attended classes at UofL less than two years ago.


  • Readmits: students who previously attended UofL two or more years ago.

If you are unsure when you last attended classes, please contact our office at 502-852-0166 or . Depending on your classification, you may be working with the Registrar's Office or Transfer Services.

Contact us!

If you would like to speak our transfer admissions counselor who works specifically with our adult returning students, please schedule an appointment with Taylor U'Sellis. Appointments are available in person and over the phone. 

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