Interim Travel Policy for COVID-19

Interim Policy for University Travel to China, South Korea, and countries with Active COVID-19 Outbreaks

Students and employees traveling to China, South Korea, or countries with active Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreaks (defined by CDC as Level 3 Travel Health Warnings or Level 2 Enhanced Precautions), are subject to these guidelines and the recommendations of medical professionals, public health officials, and university administrators.  This policy is in accordance with the University’s existing Travel Warning Policy.

For all faculty, staff and students

For all locations in China, South Korea, and countries with CDC Level 3 Warning active outbreaks:

  1. University of Louisville sanctioned and U of L promoted study abroad programs in countries with active COVID-19 outbreaks (CDC Level 3 Warning) shall be suspended. Therefore, no university travel will be permitted for students to areas that have confirmed active outbreaks.
  2. Until further notice, there will be no healthcare or direct clinical activities in countries with active COVID-19 outbreaks;
  3. All travelers to countries affected by CDC Level 2 or 3  for COVID-19 should be cognizant prior to departure from the United States that they may be subject to in-country quarantine or other disease control measures that are beyond the control of the University and/or U.S. government;
  4. If the individual is already in the country for which there is a CDC Level 3 Travel Health Warning for COVID-19, the Executive Director of Campus Health Services shall decide in consultation with other University officials whether the individual will be required to return to the U.S., if possible;
  5. Where the individual is required or desires to return to the U.S., the University of Louisville will help the individual make arrangements for his/her return through CISI, our insurance provider.  However, the individual should be aware that the University of Louisville, CISI, and even the U.S. Department of State, may be unable to assist with his or her evacuation.  The individual may be obliged to “shelter in place” in the event that commercial airlines drastically curtail or even cease operations and/or travel restrictions prevent people from returning to the U.S. or leaving the affected country; “Shelter-in-Place” information can be found at the U.S. government’s pandemic influenza website, the World Health Organization website and the Centers for Disease Control website;
  6. If healthcare is received abroad, upon departure from the country affected by the COVID-19 and upon reentry to the United States, travelers must declare this and may be subject to whatever actions are deemed appropriate, including voluntary and involuntary quarantine by public health officials at the point of departure or upon arrival in the U.S.;
  7. Further, employees and/or students returning from a CDC Level  2 or 3 COVID-19 advisory location will not be permitted to return to campus until they have completed appropriate health monitoring and/or screening, as recommended by the CDC (up to 14 calendar days (symptom-free) from the date of departure from the outbreak locale) and it is determined that he or she is not infected with the disease, nor poses an exposure risk to the university community;
  8. The monitoring and screening required will be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of Campus Health Services in conjunction with appropriate public health and University officials;
  9. If a medical determination has been made that a period of quarantine is necessary, students will be allowed to make up missed coursework;
  10. The University of Louisville recognizes that its employees may possess valuable expertise that is needed to assist with the resolution of the crisis; however, no travel on behalf of U of L will be permitted for faculty or staff to areas that have confirmed active COVID-19 cases without Provost’s approval, as outlined in the existing travel warning policy;
  11. No employee shall be required to travel to a country for which any of the CDC Travel Health Warning for COVID-19 has been issued;
  12. Employees who have need to travel to such a country are urged to review the Travel Notice and the CDC Travel Health Warning, Definitions, Criteria and Rationale and to consider carefully whether the value of the travel to them outweighs the risks faced as a result of this travel;
  13. Employees who are subject to quarantine may work from home if feasible or appropriate.  If work at home arrangements are not feasible,
    1. Employees, whose travel to a Level 3 Travel Health Warning or Level 2 Enhanced Precautions locale was conducted as part of an official UofL international exchange experience, may receive administrative leave;
    2. Employees, whose travel to CDC Level 2 or 3 COVID-19 locale was personal in nature, will generally be required to use accrued vacation leave, sick leave or personal leave.