Meet the Staff

Dr. Virginia Hosono, Ph.D.

Director, Office of Study Abroad and International Travel
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  • Countries Virginia has traveled to: Canada, Mexico, Japan, Greece
  • A country Virginia wants to visit: Italy and South Korea
  • Advice Virginia would give to future travelers: "Never underestimate the power travel has to change your life."

Athens, Greece

Melissa Lee, B.A.

Study Abroad Advisor
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  • Countries Melissa has traveled to: Spain, Canada, Cuba, Costa Rica, Australia
  • A country Melissa wants to visit: Iceland
  • A lesson Melissa has learned from traveling: "Travel with an open mind, be open to new ideas and new experiences. Embrace the culture of the country that you are traveling to."

Salamanca, Spain

Kimber Guinn, M.A.

Study Abroad Advisor 
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  • Countries Kimber has traveled to: Canada, Ecuador, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Portugal, New Zealand, Fiji, Iceland, Costa Rica, Colombia, The Netherlands
  • A country Kimber wants to visit: Thailand and Peru
  • Advice Kimber would give to future travelers: "Put down the map! It's okay to get lost and ask a stranger for directions."

Kimber at Hobbiton in New Zealand

Hobbiton, Matamata, New Zealand

Rebecca Dixon, M.A.

Program Assistant Sr.
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  • Countries Rebecca has traveled to: France, Ireland, Canada, England, Austria, and Italy
  • A country Rebecca wants to visit: New Zealand and Scotland
  • Advice Rebecca would give to future travelers: "If possible, visit an area outside of the big cities, even if it's only for a day.."

Versailles, France

Brianna Berry

Peer Ambassador

  • Countries Brianna has traveled to: Canada, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Ireland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Peru, Austria, and Argentina!
  • A country Brianna wants to visit: Norway and Iceland
  • Fun Fact: I love my two dogs more than anything in the world and I like to FaceTime with them when I'm abroad!

      Barcelona, Spain

        Daleigh Kranz

        Peer Ambassador

        • Countries Daleigh has traveled to: Spain, Mexico, Kenya, England, Italy, and Vatican City
        • A country Daleigh wants to visit: Japan and Croatia
        • Advice: "Put down your phone and keep a journal while abroad! You're going to want something to store all the memories in. Journaling allows you to not only self-reflect on the day but also embrace the moments away from technology."
        • Fun Fact: My dog is 6 feet tall and thinks he's a lap dog!