Meet the Staff

Virginia Hosono

Associate Director, Office of Study Abroad and International Travel
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  • Countries Virginia's traveled to: Canada, Mexico, Japan, Greece
  • A country Virginia wants to visit: Italy and South Korea
  • Advice Virginia would give to future travelers: "Never underestimate the power travel has to change your life."

Athens, Greece

Melissa Moore

Study Abroad Advisor
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  • Countries Melissa's traveled to: Spain, Canada, Cuba
  • A country Melissa wants to visit: Australia
  • A lesson Melissa has learned from traveling: "Travel with an open mind, be open to new ideas and new experiences. Embrace the culture of the country that you are traveling to."

Salamanca, Spain

Kimber Guinn

Study Abroad Advisor 
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  • Countries Kimber's traveled to: Canada, Ecuador, Ireland, England, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland.
  • A country Kimber wants to visit: Iceland or New Zealand
  • Advice Kimber would give to future travelers: "Put down the map! It's okay to get lost and ask a stranger for directions."

Rome, Italy


Program Assistant Sr.
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  • Countries Rebecca's traveled to: France, Ireland, Canada, England, Austria, and Italy
  • A country Rebecca wants to visit: New Zealand or Scotland
  • Advice Rebecca would give to future travelers: "If possible, visit an area outside of the big cities, even if it's only for a day.."

Versailles, France

Madeleine Loney

Peer Ambassador

  • Countries Madeleine's  traveled to: Canada, Italy, Tunisia, Nepal, Guatemala, Morocco, Spain, Portugal, France, England, Ireland.

  • Countries Madeleine would like to visit: Lebanon, Syria, Qatar, Croatia, Thailand, and Hungary.

  • Reasons why Madeleine chose to Study Abroad: Living abroad has been an integral part of my journey, teaching me independence, increasing my adaptability, and allowing me to navigate new cultures.

Casablanca, Morocco

Jenny Snyder

Graduate Assistant

Tokyo, Japan

  • Countries Jenny's traveled to: France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Morocco, & Japan
  • Countries Jenny would like to visit: South Korea and Senegal
  • Jenny chose to Study Abroad because: She desired to learn French. She wanted to experience another culture, and broaden her worldviews. She always had a dream of traveling to another country alone, perhaps to learn about herself, but to really soak in the culture firsthand without the distractions of family and so forth.